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The Big Screen

  • April: Media Search

    Utilise specialist online media search tools to identify any adverse media coverage your Candidate has received



    Conducting media searches on your Candidates will utilise multiple purpose-built research tools and databases to identify either adverse media coverage your potential employees have received, or instances of a Candidate producing negative content about your organisation or industry.

    This check mitigates the risks of hiring individuals who could damage your organisation’s reputation and potentially place your staff at risk.

    Key Business Benefits

    • Utilise multiple purpose-built online tools to search international media coverage
    • Identify any publicised adverse events in your Candidate’s history prior to joining your organisation
    • Identify any slanderous comments a Candidate may have made about your organisation or industry publically
    • Safeguard your business against antagonists and undercover investigators, reporters and journalists
    • Protect your organisation’s reputation and brand

    How Media Searches work

    Media Searches do not require any detailed or specific information to be provided by your Candidate. Our vastly-experienced Client Liaison Officers will agree with you three pre-defined identifying criteria for your Candidates based on the information they provide as part of the self-declaration during the application process.

    Our expert team of Screening Executives will use the agreed criteria to conduct searches using specialist online media tools to retrieve coverage from court papers, industry journals and local, national and international television or newspapers.

    We will provide your HR or Resourcing department with three pages of qualified responses from the search tools based on the identifying criteria and will alert you to discuss the findings of the search. Our industry-leading Screening Bureau will then be on hand to provide you with all the necessary information about Candidates, which will support you in making well-informed hiring decisions.


    A Business Case for Media Searches

    Suitable Candidate but Unsatisfied Customer

    There is a definite risk with employing a Candidate not only if they have received unwanted media attention but also if they have generated negative media about one of our Clients.

    One of our largest clients, an international communications organisation, performed a recruitment drive in early 2012 for sales and customer support positions. One Candidate appeared suitable for a role and was keen to work for the organisation due to being a “long-time customer”.

    By conducting a Media Search, it became apparent that the Candidate was indeed a customer, but on multiple occasions had used blogging sites to submit insulting and damaging remarks about the Client. As a result the Client chose not to offer employment.



    If you are interested in finding out more about the Security Watchdog Media Search, get in touch for a consultation with an industry-leading employment screening expert.

  • March: Immigration and Identity Fraud Workshops

    Tailored in-house training to help Managers, Recruiters and HR Teams understand immigration legislation and how to identify fraudulent documents



    The Advisory Bureau offers a tailored half-day, in-house training package for Human Resources and Recruitment teams aimed at ensuring best practice in identity verification and prevention of illegal working in the UK.

    The package ensures thorough understanding of Statutory Excuse under the Asylum, Immigration & Nationality Act 2006, requirements of the Points Based System, relevant visa documentation and provides delegates the ability to identify potentially fraudulent documents being presented.

    Key Business Benefits

    • Minimising the risk of civil penalties by ensuring Statutory Excuse under the Asylum, Immigration & Nationality Act 2006
    • Compliance with all UK relevant employment and immigration legislation
    • Resourcing and employment best practice for your HR or Recruitment teams in identity checks and prevention of illegal working
    • Mitigation against the risks of hiring illegal workers or fraudulent job applicants

    How Immigration and Identity Workshops work

    An industry-leading subject matter expert from our Advisory Bureau will come to your offices for a half-day training workshop. We will use our 20+ years of experience to ensure all those in the training session are confident in their understanding of the rules surrounding the hiring of migrant workers, the importance of achieving Statutory Excuse and that they have the ability to ascertain if the documents presented to them are fraudulent.

    The training workshop is suited to up to ten HR or Resourcing personnel and Managers and our Advisory Expert will provide industry leading training on the practical implications of best practice identity and eligibility to work checks, dispel the ambiguity surrounding complex scenarios, use real-time scenarios to explain concepts and leave delegates empowered with the knowledge and confidence to apply increased rigour to their checking process.

    After the training day is complete, our highly-experienced Advisors will be available to provide remote training and advice, and we guarantee a detailed response to any query within one working day through Remote Advisory Services.


    Illegal entrants to the Textiles Industry

     In November 2012, fifteen illegal immigrants were caught after a raid by UKBA officers on a major textile business in Leicester. Officers supported by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) officers checked the immigration status of 45 employees.

    Fifteen people were arrested after they were found to have no right to be in the UK, being either visa over stayers or failed asylum seekers. Twelve were from India, 1 was from Afghanistan, 1 from Iran and 1 from Pakistan. Ten of the illegal workers were detained pending their removal from the UK while the remaining 5 were released on immigration bail while the agency took action to remove them.

    The business was served with a potential fine of up to £150,000 - £10,000 per illegal worker - which will have to be paid unless it can prove it took sufficient steps to confirm the right to work of the foreign nationals, such as checking passports correctly.

    If you are interested in finding out more about Immigration and Identity Fraud Workshops, get in touch  with our industry leading Employment Screening Advisory Bureau for a consultation.

  • March: Drivers at Work Checks

    Routinely verify and monitor your Candidate and Employee’s driving licence status to guarantee safe legal drivers in your workforce



    Motor Vehicle Licence Checks reveal the date and licence category your Candidates have obtained and identifies additional qualifications such as the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC).

    Periodic licence status checks identify any adverse events in your employee’s driving status since entering your employment. This enables you to intermittently track your employee’s licence status and protects your business from unfit drivers.

    Key Business Benefits

    • Accurate, up-to-date information on the Candidate's driving licence status

    • Any undesirable incidents, disqualifications or penalties during the Candidate's driving history

    • Periodic updates to your employee’s licence status and reports on adverse information

    • Compliance with DSA regulations for driving motor vehicles

    How Drivers at Work Checks work

    For positions where driving constitutes a large portion of the employee’s remit, or if an employee will be making use of your company car, they will be required to complete a DV20 form.  

    When our Screening Experts receive the completed form, our streamlined tracking system will automatically submit a request for confirmation of the individual’s driving licence status using data from the completed form.

    Our experienced Screening Executives will retrieve the information and will report any adverse information that appears against your risk-matrix.

    Using the same form, our Experts can periodically repeat the check. The usual periodic repeat check is every three years. If any adverse events on your employee’s driving status have taken place during this period, we will report this directly to your HR or management team.

    Periodically monitoring the driving licence status of your employees ensures that only fit and proper persons may operate your commercial or company vehicles.


     A Business Case for Drivers at Work Checks

    Suspended from Driving; Suspended from Working

    A National Logistics client distributes cargo from south-coast ports to across the UK. As overnight long-distance haulage is a popular service, having a loyal, trustworthy workforce is an essential prerequisite for the client.

    In January 2012, one employee returned from annual leave and was ready to start his job. However, the annual driving licence status check conducted by his employer revealed that he had been suspended from driving pending court appearance to face charges of attempting to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

    Having not disclosed this to his employer, the driver (and employer) could have been in breach of the law by allowing him to operate a vehicle while suspended. However, the Annual check identified the threat, and the driver was suspended from work without pay.

    By implementing annual checks on all their drivers, the client successfully mitigated the associated risk and protected their staff and reputation.


    If you are interested in finding out more about the Security Watchdog Drivers at Work Check, get in touch for a consultation with an industry-leading employment screening expert


    1. Department for Education publishes new statutory guidance for 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' Dan Murphy 08-Apr-2014
    2. Nurse charged after providing fraudulent right to work documentation Dan Murphy 03-Apr-2014

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