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   Pre-Employment Screening

The case for pre-employment screening is becoming more important every day. Incidences of crime in the workplace are rising, whether fraud, use of false identities, embezzlement, theft of intellectual property, or industrial espionage of another nature.

In 2012 there was 43% overall increase* in the number of staff frauds recorded when compared with 2011 with increase identified in all major types of fraud.
(CIFAS Report 2012/13)

When it comes to employment applications nearly 60% of candidates falsify their qualifications, or simply overstate their grades hoping that this will not be checked.

Fact is, that without background screening you just don't know who you are inviting into your workplace environment.

Why choose Security Watchdog to conduct your background checks?

We are the acknowledged industry leaders in pre-employment screening and criminal record background check, not just in the UK, but across the whole of the EMEA region.

Our screening experts can conduct up to 50 different background checks on your prospective employees, including criminal background, false identity, qualification checks and financial probity. Read more »

The Big Screen

  • October: Mortality Register Check

    Check your Candidate's identity against official UK registers and mitigate the risks of fraudulent applications


    The Mortality Register Check cross-references the details the Candidate has provided with the National Births and Deaths register and confirms that the Candidate is who they claim to be.

    This Check reduces the likelihood of someone using a false identity to come into your company and commit fraud, which could damage your company's reputation and put your staff and stakeholders at risk.

    Key Business Benefits

    • Employment of a candidate who has provided false identity information
    • Fraudulent pension claims being made by a potential Candidate whilst working for you
    • Dishonest people coming into your business and committing further fraud
    • Your staff, stakeholders and valued customers being exposed to fraudulent activity

    How the Mortality Check works

    When applying for a new role within your company, Candidates will be expected to provide you with accurate, up-to-date address information for periods of up to 10 years, depending on your requirements. Our Client Liaison Officers will obtain copies of this documentation from you via our paperless candidate verification system.

    We are able to check the full name candidate against sophisticated registries using ID3 technology, which instantly identifies the Candidate’s status. We can submit to the registry up to four separate addresses per Candidate from the information they provide to quickly identify if fraudulent information has been provided to you.

    We then relay directly to your HR or recruitment department any identification of fraudulent information that has been provided by the Candidate, which enables you to make an instant hiring decision.

    A Business Case for Mortality Checks

    ID Fraud at an IT Consultancy

    A few years ago a large IT and Communications Consultants organisation received an employment application from a male Candidate. As part of our pre-employment screening process, we checked his details on the ID3 system, which revealed he had used his deceased father’s details on the application in order to cover his own bad credit rating and other adverse information which would have negatively affected his application.

    Had this attempted fraud not been identified, the Candidate would have been employed into the organisation. This would have put the customers and other employees at risk of being exposed to further fraudulent behaviour.

    However, we instantly identified the Candidate’s attempt at identity fraud and reported this directly to the client, who then immediately released the individual from the recruitment process.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the Security Watchdog Mortality Checks, get in touch for a consultation with an industry-leading screening expert.

  • September: Company Checks

    An invaluable screening tool used to mitigate the risk of engaging with unsuitable Contractors or Clients


    Security Watchdog's Company Checks allow you to ‘know your supplier’ and ‘know your client’. We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold company reports which rate both Limited and non-Limited companies based on their performance and financial stability.

    This report enables you to better understand the organisations you are engaging with and safeguard your operation.

    Key Business Benefits

    • Ideal solution for compliancy checks when appointing sole traders or contractors
    • Reports of both Limited and non-Limited companies
    • Three levels of reporting tailored to suit your requirements
    • Custom risk-analysis to identify and mitigate risk through engagement
    • Safeguarding measures against unfavourable companies or contractors

    How Company Checks work

    Security Watchdog's industry-leading Screening Executives liaise directly with standards organisations, financial authorities (including Companies House), online databases and legal agencies to produce three levels of reporting per organisation or company.

    Our expert screening team will produce reports based on the company’s financial stability and credit score, trading analysis and performance and any pending legal actions or judgements. We will work with you to develop a risk-matrix which all companies are judged against. We can also conduct a media search to identify any adverse coverage the company may have received in newspapers, online or in trade journals using specialist media search tools.

    We deliver the completed reports directly to you and will alert you to any adverse findings that arise against the risk-matrix. Our Screening Bureau will be on hand to advise you on how to proceed with engagement decisions. 

    A Business Case for Company Checks

    Conflict with Contractors 

    A national construction Client regularly hires contractors to perform complimentary services as part of an enhanced service delivery to their customers. Our Client expects the highest standard of performance from all contractors and sub-contractors, but a full background check into a scaffolding company in March 2011 revealed links to a previous company within the same industry who had outstanding Judgments against them for failure to deliver work they were contracted and paid for and had subsequently gone into liquidation.

    We reported this to the Client and it was identified that the company was created directly out of the liquidated business and had the potential to fail in delivery again. Our Client opted for a different contractor that successfully met their deadlines and budget.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the Security Watchdog Company Checks, get in touch for a consultation with an industry-leading employment screening expert.


  • September: PBS Compliance Audits & Reports

    Compliance audit and report of your HR systems against UK Home Office points-based system (PBS) requirements


    Evaluate your suitability for holding a sponsorship licence under the Home Office points based system to ensure that all systems are fit for purpose and compliant with Home Office requirements.

    Conducting the compliance audit and report will identify any gaps in your HR systems and allows for action to be taken prior to your application or renewal, which will greatly enhance the likelihood of your application being approved and successful completion of a Home Office Audit.

    Key Business Benefits

    • Full audit on your HR system’s compliance with Home Office requirements
    • Extensive report based on five key criteria where weaknesses may prevent a successful PBS licence application or renewal
    • Best-practice recommendations to ensure compliance
    • Full compliance with Asylum, Immigration & Nationality Act 2006 and other UK immigration laws and guidelines
    • Increases likelihood of successful sponsorship application or renewal

    How PBS Compliance Audits and Reports work

    Companies seeking to employ non-EEA nationals to undertake certain roles within their business require a sponsorship licence issued by the UKBA in order to secure the necessary Tier 2 visa for the candidate.

    Before submitting an application for a Home Office Sponsorship Licence, one of our subject-matter experts will spend time in your business and assess your current processes against the criteria used by the Home Office when they audit your HR systems. Using a five-point criteria, our Advisory Expert will produce a detailed compliance report rating your HR systems against each of the five areas, identifying grades from ‘fully compliant’ to ‘does not meet criteria’.

    From the audit report, best-practice recommendations can be made for any areas of improvement where appropriate. This will allow you to make the necessary changes to your HR systems to ensure full compliance with UKBA regulations and will drastically improve the likelihood of a successful licence application. 

    A Business Case for PBS Licence Audit and Report

    London University loses its Licence 

    Over 2,000 students faced deportation in 2012 after a London University had its PBS Licence revoked.

    The 'Highly Trusted' status allowed the University to sponsor overseas students to come in from outside the EEA. Reports claimed that the University wasn't accurately monitoring the attendance on its courses and that many of the overseas students did not have the correct eligibility documents to allow them to live and study in the UK.

    The Home Office says that the University had failed to address the shortcomings in its system which became apparent six months earlier. Elsewhere, reports suggested that this could create a loss for the University of up to £30m.

    Had the University contacted the Security Watchdog to audit their systems, the loss of the licence and revenue could easily have been prevented.

    The University now faces a lengthy and expensive court battle to retrieve its licence. 

    If you are interested in finding out more about the PBS Compliance Audits & Reports, get in touch for a consultation with our Advisory Bureau's Subject Matter Experts.

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