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The Big Screen

  • July: Executive Screening Package

    The most comprehensive and thorough solution on the employment screening market, suitable for senior level hires


    We are proud to offer the largest and most extensive pre-employment solution package available to employers. The Executive Screening Package offers every aspect of pre-employment screening as a single bespoke solution, suitable for Executive and Directorial positions or secure industries.

    The package ensures the highest level of responsibility when making your organisation’s most important appointments.

    Key Business Benefits

    • The most extensive preemployment screening package on the market
    • 100% compliance with all relevant UK and international employment and data handling legislation
    • Ideal screening solution for Executive and Directorial appointments
    • Maximum risk mitigation and corporate responsibility

    How Executive Screening works

    Your Executive Candidate will provide you with all the necessary documentation required for us to perform this check without completing an online form. We will liaise directly with your HR or Resourcing department in order to obtain this information.

    Our expert Client Liaison Officers will verify the Candidate’s Identity & Right to Work documents, perform an enhanced Financial Probity Check and obtain a Criminal Disclosure Certificate outlining any unspent criminal convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, 1974.

    Our industry-leading Screening Executives will then verify the Candidate’s Employment history over a ten-year period, their highest academic or professional qualifications & memberships and we will conduct International Directorship checks and a Media Search. We carry this out using maximum sensitivity and diplomacy.

    Finally, the Candidate will be referenced against international sanctions lists, the Financial Standards Authority and, for Candidates coming into your business from outside the UK, International Criminality databases.

    The results from the checks will be compiled into an Executive Due Diligence report and we can be available to give real-time support in the appointment decision.


    A Business Case for Executive Screening

    Headhunting for Human Resources

    Before taking an Executive or Directorial position within a new organisation, it is imperative that the individual is thoroughly vetted against the highest possible standards.

    A national Legal Services provider headhunted a Director of Human Resources position via an executive recruitment website in 2010. However, despite one candidate passing a Directorship check, further investigation into the performance of the company demonstrated that despite truthfully claiming to be a ‘national HR advisory consultant’, the company only had three small clients and the Candidate did not have the experience necessary for the role.

    Our Client is now satisfied with their appointment, and the Director of Human Resources was later developed into a Director of Operations role.



    If you are interested in finding out more about the Security Watchdog Executive Screening Package, contact us for a consultation with an industry-leading employment screening expert.

  • June: CV Checks

    Evaluate the stability and integrity of individuals and businesses you engage with and reduce financial & operational risk



    A Curriculum Vitae (CV) Check compares the information provided by the Candidate on their CV with information they provide on their screening verification form and our pre-employment screening check results.

    Comparing the data sets quickly identifies those Candidates who knowingly provide you with false, exaggerated or fraudulent information during the application process to obtain the vital job offer.

    Key Business Benefits

    • Utilise multiple purpose-built online tools to search international media coverage
    • Identify any publicised adverse events in your Candidate’s history prior to joining your organisation
    • Identify any slanderous comments a Candidate may have made about your organisation or industry publically
    • Safeguard your business against antagonists and undercover investigators, reporters and journalists
    • Protect your organisation’s reputation and brand

    How CV Checks work

    When a Candidate applies for a position within your organisation, you are likely to receive their CV as part of the application process. Our expert team of Screening Executives will obtain a copy of the Candidate’s CV from you and will compare its contents with both independent third-party sources and the Candidate’s online form. The contents of both the CV and declaration form are compared directly with independent sources, including educational establishments, places of employment and any membership or governing bodies.

    We will look for any anomalies between the three sources of information and report these directly to you. This will assist in making better hiring decisions based on the truthfulness of the information provided by the Candidate’s CV.


    A Business Case for CV Checks

    Can you trust your Candidates?

    Research from a leading UK Employment Advertising Organisation from 2011 suggests that over half of Candidates have misrepresentations on their CVs, with many Candidates when questioned stating competition for employment as the justification for providing false or exaggerated claims.

    This covers all areas of misleading information from exaggerated salaries, roles & responsibilities to declaring false reasons for leaving a previous position and stating fraudulent degree grades or incorrect subject areas.

    94% of Clients who utilise our CV checking service have received Candidate applications which contain either false or misleading information. We ensure all our Clients are alerted to every instance of fraudulent CV information to assist them in hiring decent, honest Candidates and create a trustworthy workforce.


    If you are interested in finding out more about the Security Watchdog CV Check, get in touch for a consultation with an industry-leading employment screening expert.

  • May: Professional Qualifications, Membership and Licences

    Verification of your Candidates’ memberships, licences and professional certifications, ensuring experts become employees



    When roles require specific qualifications, checking a Candidate’s memberships, licences and certifications ensures the information provided by the Candidate is accurate and informs you of their expertise and suitability for a role within your company.

    This protects you in your hiring decisions by validating the expertise of your Candidates, allowing you to hand-pick the ideal people to help develop and enhance your business.

    Key Business Benefits

    • Confirm the accuracy of the qualifications and memberships stated by the Candidate upon application
    • Identify the skills and expertise of the Candidate, which will assist in evaluating their suitability to perform the role
    • Ensure your business is protected by only employing appropriately qualified staff
    • Enhance your business by developing a strong, skilful workforce

    How Professional Qualifications, Membership and Licences checks work

    Candidates will usually provide information regarding professional qualifications, memberships or licences to their new employer via their CV. These may include post-graduate qualifications and memberships to professional bodies, such as Chartered Institutes or Professional Associations. The check also accounts for professional licences which may be essential prior to employment, such as the General Medical Council (GMC) register or Solicitors Regulation Authority.

    Our expert team of Screening Executives will liaise directly with the Candidate’s awarding body or institution to verify the integrity of the information the Candidate has provided. We can verify all professional memberships, qualifications and licences both in the UK and internationally, depending on your requirements and the Candidate’s stated attainment.

    We report any discrepancies between the information provided by the awarding body or institution and the Candidate’s CV to your HR or recruitment function in order to support your hiring decision



    A Business Case for Media Searches

    Applied but not Qualified

    When hiring into senior positions, it can give Candidates an advantage to have additional qualifications on top of University degrees. In 2006, a national media technology company sought to hire into a senior HR position and received many suitable Candidates.

    The Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) qualifications are particularly useful when developing in HR and one Candidate stated an Advanced CIPD diploma on their CV. Unfortunately, verification from the CIPD revealed that the Candidate had only applied, but not completed the Foundation Award and had therefore stated false information on their application.

    The Client was informed of this, and hired a more suitable and experienced candidate who is now performing well in an Associate Director of Human Resources role.



    If you are interested in finding out more about verifying your Candidate's Professional Qualifications, Memberships and Licences, get in touch for a consultation with an industry-leading employment screening expert.


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