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Fast and cost-effective online criminal background checks

eBulkPlus is a world-class online employment screening system, which is available as a managed service or software solution. It is a user-friendly system that allows customers to submit online disclosure applications and receive the results back electronically.

Criminal records checks

eBulkPlus makes DBS and Disclosure Scotland checks faster, easier and 70% are returned in 1 day – dramatically freeing up resources and reducing your costs. Because it's an intuitive tool designed around the user, eBulkPlus delivers the best possible experience to your team and your candidates.

eBulkPlus cuts DBS lifescale timescales down from 10-20 days to 48 hours on average by accepting disclosure applications online and returning the results electronically. Candidates submit data themselves, so no more data entry/error correction with mandatory fields is required from your team. As it's a paperless solution, your stationery, postage, storage and destruction charges are eliminated.

Our eBulkPlus online solution includes:

  • Validating the disclosure application form and data

  • Processing the application workflow

  • Checking ID documents meet the DBS regulations

  • Countersignatory authorisation

  • Application dashboard from quick and easy view of all outstanding applications

  • Application management and criminal record check tracking - providing a clear view of all of your applications and their stage in the processing lifecycle

  • Reporting in HTML, CSV or PDF to suit your needs

  • Applicant driven submission, with no data entry required from administration teams

  • Renewal flags

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