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Benefits of eBulkPlus

Our eBulkPlus system is the fast and efficient method for processing large numbers of DBS and Disclosure Scotland criminal records checks.

The benefits of the system are: -

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • 50-60% cheaper than paper-based system
  • 70% results returned in 24 hours
  • Tested and approved by the DBS (formerly the CRB) – a guaranteed solution for processing online Disclosures
  • Proven to be the most cost and time-effective way of administering criminal record checks
  • The ability to counter-sign immediately, speeding up the process
  • Clear results are received the day that the DBS provides them
  • 0.1% error rate by applicants
  • No postal costs
  • Reduces the stationery bill
  • Reduces life cycle of the vetting process
  • Auditable and securely stored records
  • Instant reporting – can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet or saved in CSV format
  • Clear results are sent electronically
  • Improved experience for applicants and users
  • Significant contribution to your CSR policy
  • Allows for a faster recruitment process due to significantly reduced turnaround
  • Ability for applicants to pay online
  • Unlimited users for no extra charge
  • Speedy set-up within 24 hours
  • Access to our disclosure administrators, expert in DBS processing, regulations and legislation
  • Pro-active changes to the systems
  • Regular updates/education on DBS changes
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“As a widely recognised organisation, we receive a high volume of applications for every position. Having The Security Watchdog check every candidate’s professional qualifications means we can appoint candidates who are actually qualified to carry out the role we are asking them to do.”


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