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Security Watchdog Screening Services

Here are just a few of the services our pre-employment screening bureau has on offer.
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Identity & Right to Work

Identity & Right to Work Checks

We will verify your candidate’s identity and eligibility to work in the UK. We check the authenticity of Passport and identity documents using state-of-the-art technology and where appropriate, visa entitlement documents. Address and contact details are then verified against the UK electoral roll, official online directories and through supporting utility bills for instances of non-registration.

DBS check applicants must complete a Veri-fy form and take it to a Post Office with chosen forms of ID (an original form of photo identification and current address document). The Post Office will verify their ID documents, and then forward the completed form to us for processing.

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Employment History

Employment History Verification

We conduct full employment referencing for up to 10 years by contacting HR departments and/or line managers directly and self-employment will be confirmed with either the candidate’s accountant or their solicitor.

Unemployment can be confirmed directly with the Candidate and the JSA for if the Candidate has claimed during this period. Where a gap in employment is identified, confirmation is sought through compiling workarounds for proof of the Candidate's activity and referees who knew the candidate during the ‘gap’ period.

A candidate's CV showing their employment history
Qualifications Check

Qualifications & Education History Verification

In order to verify the academic qualifications stated by your candidate, we liaise directly with the candidate’s awarding body or institution. For instances where this verification is not possible, the candidate will be requested to provide certification to demonstrate the attainment of such qualifications.

If one of your requirements for a role is that the applicant be a member of a professional or industrial body, we can verify their status for you as part of your pre-employment screening process. Professional memberships often lapse or expire, so it is important to ensure your applicant is up-to-date if the role requires it.

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Integrity Checks

Financial Probity & Integrity Checks

We can create full reports to cover a candidate’s financial history, including; registered debts (including bankruptcy), county court judgments (CCJs), Scottish Decrees and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), which can also be performed internationally.

Financial Probity checks can also be performed for up to six years from the candidate’s address history. We conduct extensive searching of open-source Internet data sources. Additional specialist media searching tools can be used to retrieve coverage from industry journals, court papers, and local, national and international newspapers.

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Criminality Checks

Criminality Checks

We can obtain Criminal Disclosure Certificates directly from the umbrella body of the Disclosure & Barring Service (formerly Criminal Records Bureau), Disclosure Scotland and Access NI via a systems integrator. Results are compared to the candidate’s self-declaration and relevance to the role.

We will advise you directly of any discrepancies between the results from the results and the candidate’s self-declaration or outstanding issues. We can also perform international criminality checks and we can advise you on the availability of these checks when necessary.

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Media Checks

Media Checks

Has your applicant been in the press?

This pre-employment screening check identifies any media articles in which the applicant is mentioned. Using a selection of databases, our researchers will find any English language media coverage relating to the applicant which is negative in nature. This will provide an insight into the applicant's public profile.

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List 99 Checks

List 99 Checks

List 99 checks are a quick way of finding out whether an individual is on the list of people barred from working with children, without conducting a full Enhanced DBS check. This check is useful for individuals who require access to a setting where children are present and need this result at short notice while they are waiting on their Enhanced check to be completed.

List 99 is a database held and maintained by Teachers' Pensions and the results of the check on this database will be returned within 48 hours.

Adult working with child
Premier Services

Premier Services and Screening Packages

We offer an extensive range of risk mitigation and bespoke screening packages, including HM BPSS security standard checks, roles authorised by the Financial Standards Authorities and a fastrack Graduate/Student Placement screening package.

We can also verify driving licence documentation and can obtain a full report and driving history from the DVLA. We can liaise directly with the candidate’s insurer to verify the insurance status for their vehicle. We also have the capability to perform international vehicle license checks where necessary.

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