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Employment Screening and Background Checks

We administer over 350,000 background checks per year thanks to our expert team of Screening Executives. The Screening Bureau is committed to Best Practice EMEA & International pre-employment screening techniques and our multilingual Screening Team provides innovative solutions that will cover all your employment screening requirements. We also offer training and real-time support services.

Protect your staff and stakeholders from unnecessary risk and create a positive Candidate experience

With unrivaled knowledge and experience, we provide Subject-Matter Expertise to hundreds of local, EMEA regional and global organisations including many FTSE100 companies

Candidate Experience

We ensure that all your Candidates go through the same transparent employment screening process, with clear lines of communication and a dedicated team of experts available to help guide the Candidate through the screening experience.

Our secure data protection policies are adhered to throughout our operations and all our systems are built and tested to the highest standards of information security policy, so you can be confident that your candidate's data is in the safest hands when completing the necessary background checks.

Bespoke Screening Packages

Our service offering gives you a full range of screening solutions to choose from. We make recommendations based on your industry and operations and tailor our service package to the needs of each of our clients as unique organisations which reduces overall costs without sacrificing performance.

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Expert Screening Teams

Our recognised training school in Hampshire supports a comprehensive internal development programme for our employment screening teams, creating a loyal motivated and proactive workforce that is focused on customer and candidate experience and ensuring that all expectations are exceeded.

All Screening Bureau recruits are screened to the highest level. Our Operation rigorously adheres to the highest operational procedure standards and compliance policies, which we share with you, to ensure consistency and proactivity in our service.

Timely and accurate

Above all else, we understand the tight timelines required to on-board new recruits. Our employment screening operation works to pre-agreed turnaround times, and to support these we have established a series of 'workarounds' - expert background screening methodologies used for when standard referencing, for reasons outside our control, are not available.

Our background as auditors allows no compromise on quality.


Once we’ve helped you to decide what employment screening package or individual background check best suits your business, you will need expert guidance to integrate employment screening into your recruitment workflow.

That’s where our experienced Implementation Team comes in. As pre-employment checking process experts they will review your current procedures with you and supply the necessary hard and soft copy documentation and training to ensure that the background screening contract starts on a robust footing.

Implementation over an agreed period guarantees that both parties are aware of their roles and responsibilities, are working to an agreed risk matrix and have clear processes in place.

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"It’s reassuring to know that you are always hiring the best possible person for the job. You always assume that the applicants are telling the truth on their CV’s, but The Security Watchdog always make sure that the applicants are as good as they say they are!"


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