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Fast and cost-effective online criminality checks

Our eBulkPlus system follows the same basic principles as the paper-based version, enabling our clients to retain full control of their criminal record checking processes; however the online solution gives you the opportunity to save time and money.

Criminal records checks

The system provides all necessary functionality to allow organisations to easily manage their DBS (formerly CRB) Disclosure obligations with less time and effort. The system mimics the traditional Disclosure Application life-cycle, which is based on a defined set of processes that are followed by all Registered Bodies.

Online Disclosure (eBulkPlus) vs. paper applications

Our DBS Online Disclosure System (eBulkPlus) is quicker than paper-based systems; it eliminates data errors by using in-depth validation (the current error rate is 0.01%) and greatly simplifies the management process with its unique management dashboard. The online system helps prevent employment delays, reduces manual administration and saves you money.

Summary of the eBulkPlus service:

  • No software or hardware required by applicant – just an internet connection
  • Secure data hosted within an ISO27001 Capita owned data centre
  • All data is encrypted and user activity is audited
  • Extensive experience gained within government, health and public sector contracts
  • Experienced in software solutions
  • Tailored service to your requirement delivered through dedicated management team
  • Clear guidance and support on policies, processes and procedures
  • Integrated with DBS (formerly CRB) online tracking to update on progress of application
  • Mandatory fields ensure complete accuracy and completeness of data gathering
  • Enforces ID checking rules
  • Online countersignatures
  • Intuitive software simplifies the applicant's experience
  • Contributes to corporate social responsibility
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“As a widely recognised organisation, we receive a high volume of applications for every position. Having The Security Watchdog check every candidate’s professional qualifications means we can appoint candidates who are actually qualified to carry out the role we are asking them to do.”


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