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Looking for a company that will understand, meet and anticipate your pre-employment screening needs?

Security Watchdog is the industry leader and subject matter expert in all areas of international pre-employment screening and risk mitigation. Our mission is to develop world-class risk mitigation partnerships with a global client portfolio, underpinned by 'delight through excellence' customer service principles We have an unrivalled range of pre-employment screening solutions, offering background checks of every kind, in any combination for our clients in the UK and internationally.

Our VOLT and eBulkPlus online systems harness world-class technology to minimise the time, complexity, cost and risk associated with employment screening. Both systems are bespoke to Security Watchdog.

Pre-employment Screening Checks

Since 1998 Security Watchdog has been at the forefront of the pre-employment screening industry, helping to establish best practice industry standards in the world of employee background checks and working with the then Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) to develop the eBulk software that now drives the DBS checking system. Our own enhanced version eBulkPlus is now a main-stay service offering to our 16,000 plus DBS clients, both hosted and under our umbrella licenced system.

Background Checks - An Introduction

Since our inauguration in 1998, Security Watchdog has become recognised as EMEA industry leaders and international subject matter experts in every aspect of background checks and the employee vetting process. We provide bespoke employment screening service packages and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of each of our clients, ensuring the lowest level of risk while continually improving the candidate experience

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As part of our expanding services range we now offer airside security screening for the aviation industry. This has necessitated the creation of a specialist department to ensure the exacting requirements of airport and airline security are met to the letter. See the Aviation Screening page for more details.

Security Watchdog Company Story

To find out more about how Security Watchdog became the industry's leading pre-employment screening, vetting and consultancy company, have a look at our company story.

We design our service around your specific needs

Our bespoke risk mitigation strategies are matched to your company’s individual requirements and include:

  • Every available pre-employment screening and background check solution
  • International pre-employment screening
  • Training HR teams on secure data handling
  • Prevention of illegal working and identity fraud
  • Crisis management and strategy development
  • Principal documentation development
  • Remote advisory service and real-time support

Protecting your assets

We identify and minimise risk to businesses with a growing portfolio of best practice risk mitigation services in order to address known and future threats to your assets and employees.

Sharing our values with you

Security Watchdog is committed to preventing any risk in your organisation by constantly developing our performance and service offering, ensuring we exceed SLAs with all our clients.

We maintain the highest level of due diligence and our response to your requirements will always be innovative and effective, while ensuring total compliance with relevant legislation and standards.


We are accredited members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificated, as well as being Cyber Essentials certificated as part of the Government's cyber security initiative. We pride ourselves not only upon our client service, but on the provision of a safe, secure environment for client and candidate data.


Security Watchdog is ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited. We are members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

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