Global Reach

Although Security Watchdog is one of the acknowledged leaders in the provision of employment screening services throughout the UK Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA region), we can also offer a global service through partnership companies in the USA, Asia and Australasia. Currently we conduct employment screening in 94 countries worldwide on behalf of our clients.

We are especially recognised for our strong focus and our pre-employment screening expertise across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our background screening service offering and delivery can be applied to your candidates almost anywhere across the globe.

From our UK offices we also operate a split shift system that allows us to make inquiries globally from the west coast of the USA to far reaches of Asia, using multilingual staff that speak upwards of 40 different languages plus regional dialects. We can conduct employment screening in numerous different countries worldwide.

Like all employment screening companies worldwide we use partner companies around the globe as partners for global screening. These partners are leaders in their own regions and are thoroughly vetted by us to ensure they operate to the highest standards. There is no such service as a true global screening service provider - if you are told there is be very wary of the company that claims this. We all use partners.

International Screening Services

Different countries and different cultures

With unparalleled expertise in best practice screening across the EMEA region, we have a vast amount of experience and understanding of the impact of pre-employment screening across different countries.

This understanding allows us to produce bespoke employment screening packages for clients across the globe and to communicate better with their candidates.

Data protection - rules for new territories

When entering a new territory, it is fundamental to the successful implementation of pre-employment screening that all local and regional data protection rules are followed. 

As UK data protection experts, we understand the complex and diverse data protection laws that apply to new territories, based on our unrivalled compliance to UK and European data protection and knowledge of employment and trade union law.

Please Note: As of 25th May 2018 new European Data Protection laws come into force (GDPR - General Data Protection Regime) - see our EU Data Protection page for more details.

Facts about International Employment Screening

  • There is no doubt that screening in the language of origin is more effective.
  • No matter what a company tells you, there is NO true global provider
  • All screening companies use partners to screen globally
  • Availability and integrity of data is not always as reliable in certain countries
  • We only use accredited partners who meet or same strict operational standards and compliance standards.
  • We check all third party data providers to ensure the integrity of the international data they supply. 

Our international screening solutions cover almost every aspect of best practice pre-employment screening*, including:

  • Identity verification - for international passports and identity documents

  • Criminal record checks - through either the candidate’s sovereign jurisdiction or embassy, as well as the National Criminal Repository (NCR)

  • Academic Qualifications - including the Baccalaureate, Batchelor and Master’s degrees, PHDs and  MBAs

  • Driving Licence checks - for Candidates who completed a driving test outside the UK

  • Financial Probity Checks - cross-territory finance history on a per-country and per-address basis

  • Directorship Checks - for any Directorships or Secretaryships held in foreign countries

  • International Sanctions Lists - identify if your Candidate has been barred by a financial or trade regulator or law enforcement body

  • Adverse Media Search - Identifies any adverse media coverage your Candidate may have received abroad

  • Red Code Warrant Searches - the highest level of international criminality investigation

*All international checks are subject to availability on a per-country basis. Prices and turnaround times are dependent on the scale and complexity of the research required. Where information is highly restricted in certain countries, prices will reflect the level of research permissible. Please talk to one of our international screening experts to find out more information.

Entering or developing operations in a new territory

If you are already one of our many global clients, implementing your screening policy into a new territory is a simple and transparent process. Our Implementation Team will work with you to ensure that our best practice screening methodologies - just get in touch with your client relationship manager to find out more.

If you are currently not taking advantage of our international offering and would like to find out more about best practice regional vetting methodologies, simply get in touch and one of our international screening experts will gladly help you apply our industry leading screening policies to anywhere in the world.

For more information about our international services please contact our sales department.