Byron Employees Deported

Following the raid on the 4th July 2016 where Byron Proper Hamburgers lured illegal migrant employees into an immigration trap, 25 of the 35 interviewed have already been deported.

A report by the BBC noted that these employees were none to happy about the way they were duped by the company, though agreeing that immigration officials treated them well.

One 24 year old Brazilian said the way it was done made them feel used and sad. Admitting to using fake documents to secure the position at Byron's he still felt it was an injustice by the way it was handled.

It yet again highlighted that the sophistication of documents, such as passports and visas is making it harder to detect fakes unless you are properly trained or have access to scanning and verifying documents electronically. It also emphasises the advantages of using third party professional companies to screen workers for you.

In a statement, Byron's said it was completely unaware that any of its workers were in possession of false documentation until the Home Office raids.

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