Private tutors 'must face criminal records checks'

The BBC has reported that the children's charity, the NSPCC, is pushing for all self-employed private tutors to undergo criminal record screening by undertaking a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check before they can offer private tuition to children. Currently they feel that the loophole which exists creates the perfect scenario for any predatory adult to get access to harm children.

The charity believes that private tutors should operate under the same requirements as any other school teachers, who must hold a DBS certificate as a legal requirement. These would need to be regulated through a regulatory body, since currently only employers and licensed bodies can request the checks,. New legislation would need to be passed for parents and individuals to request them directly.

Whilst the vast majority of those offering private tuition have good intentions, it is evident that this loophole could and is being exploited by those few other intentions.

Parents do need to recognise that a DBS check isn't a cast iron assurance that a tutor is safe, although it is a good safeguard, they  should also be interviewing prospective tutors and following up on references as well.

Security Watchdog is the UK's largest pre-employment screening organisation and processes over 1.5 million DBS checks per  alone acting on behalf of many education authorities and individual educational establishments across the UK. Like the NSPCC we believe every child has the right to be educated in safety. For advice about DBS checks please contact

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