White Papers

Security Watchdog produces a number of white papers each year examining issues pertinent to the employment screening process. You can download these white papers at no charge.

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A white paper that examines how the use of information from social networking websites for the vetting of job candidates. The paper also looks at a framework of best practice for using this information.

To receive the full copy of this white paper please email marketing@securitywatchdog.org.uk with Social Media as the subject.

Managing the recruitment and candidate screening process is a risky business,which can lay you open to accusations of discrimination. Managing these processes can be help reduce risk and ensure staff remain compliant and consistent during the recruitment process. 

To receivefull details please email marketing@securitywatchdog.org.uk with Imperil Risk as the subject.

On 25 January 2012, the European Commission outlined a proposal for a revised European Data Protection Regulation, which will supersede the current EU Data Protection Directive.

When the Regulation is fully implemented, any breach will hold with it a fine of up to 2% of the offending organisation’s global turnover.

There are guidelines that can be followed in advance, to make your company compliant with the new Regulation. These Three Principles of Compliance will help you to retain compliance during the development of the new Regulation.

To receive the full copy of this white paper please email marketing@securitywatchdog.org.uk with Principles of Compliance as the subject.