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Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of Team Matrix, Matrix Security Watchdog is committed to being a purpose-led, responsible business – not just in how we operate and how we deliver improving returns to our investors, but in how we serve society, and how we respect our people and the environment.

Our ESG committee is focused on ensuring Matrix Security Watchdog is a great place to work for our staff whilst also having a positive impact on our local community and the world around us.

Our Commitments in 2023

Value our People and Diversity

Providing internal training sessions, covering
themes such as neurodiversity and wellbeing, among a wider curriculum.

Recognising other religions and being inclusive of our workforce: Celebrating all is what we believe in, and we will take actions to do so.

Support Individual Growth

Internal Expert Training Sessions – we will continue
with these sessions with internal experts providing
training on key themes such as, managing key
stakeholders and disability awareness.

We will begin using our Apprenticeship Levy to
support individual growth.

We are supportive of individual learning and
are happy to pay for courses that are relevant to
individuals role and adds value to our employees.

Protect the Environment

Climate commitment! Continue to work towards our goal of Net Zero by 2040.

Continue to drive our volunteering days, with protecting the environment as a priority.

Consolidate our data center. By migrating our traditional data center that consumes a large amount of power and electricity to Microsoft Azure who are more aligned to environmental aspects of cloud computing.

Improve our community

In 2023, Matrix will partner with Refugee Action, a national charity who provide advice and support to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK as well as local charity of employees choice.

Do Business Responsibly

Our next step to ensure we are a responsible business is to ensure this is reflected across the supply chain we engage with. We are going to support our suppliers by offering guidance and training sessions on key themes such as Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Continue to improve on our Modern Slavery processes and policies.

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