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Team Matrix

As of June 2023, we became part of Team Matrix, now operating as Matrix Security Watchdog.


Matrix is a market leading workforce technology and services business, who, like us, are dedicated to supporting employers across both public and private sectors to effectively attract, recruit and manage their indirect or extended workforces.

Led by CEO Mark Inskip, they’re seriously impressive. Not only do they talk the talk when it comes to putting client and customer experience at the center of what they do, but they walk the walk, investing in people, solutions, and technology in order to do so too.  

Coming together with shared values and a commitment to connecting more people to work, Matrix Security Watchdog are driving forward to create the world’s best screening and people solutions.

We are dedicated to creating trusted and safe systems that keep people’s experience at heart, making good on our promise to deliver on solutions that are faster, better and smarter.  


Our passion and purpose at Matrix is to ‘Connect people to work’. The more people we connect to work, the better it is for society and our business.

Our tech, and over 150 awesome people, make that possible by bringing together organisations that need to recruit temporary or contingent staff and those that can find them the amazing people they need!  

Recruiting hundreds, if not thousands, of temporary staff is hard work, but it doesn't need to be. We want to make recruiting and filling temporary roles as simple and pain free as possible for companies, suppliers and workers. This also extends to the systems and processes needed to manage and pay them.

We also help our clients with major programmes of work, helping them find suppliers to bring in the services, rather than individuals, they need. Think building a school or planning a major event.


We do it because we’re passionate about connecting people to work, not just because of the market potential. We want to ensure the whole system of temporary work is as easy to manage and as simple as possible to use... removing the hard work for companies, suppliers and workers. 

Without our help, companies would find it difficult to get hold of the quality and quantity of applications they need. Our platform and offerings make it easy for suppliers to get amazing candidates into work with our clients quickly.  

Just think about the care home that needs urgent staff to look after vulnerable patients, the charity wanting to find enthusiastic fundraisers to raise much needed cash and the supermarket that’s desperate for delivery drivers to get the essentials to those who can’t get to the shops. Working with our clients and suppliers, we make that happen.

The temporary worker, or gig, economy is growing super-fast. By 2030 up to half of working people will be freelance or on a temporary contract. As trusted experts in this space, we manage all of this complexity on our behalf of our clients. We’ve got the best people, systems and supplier relationships to make things simple. 

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