Basic DBS Criminal Record Checks for Employers

A Basic Disclosure check is the entry level DBS check and can be applicable for any role and is not restricted by industry sector. Whilst criminality checks are compulsory for some positions, employee fraud runs a very real risk of damaging the integrity and reputation of any business. Therefore, we think that a Basic Disclosure should be viewed as a vital part of your pre-employment screening process.

How to order Basic DBS Criminal Record Checks

Under 1500 checks

Submit under 1500 basic disclosure checks per annum?

We can be your Registered Organisation (RO)

If you were previously registered with Disclosure Scotland for submitting your basic disclosure checks but have now been informed that you cannot register with the DBS due to submitting under 1000 checks per annum, we can act as your Registered Organisation. Applications can be submitted through our market-leading web interface, all you need to do is ensure your employees submit their application, you verify their identity and we will do the rest.

Our web interface provides you a range of access levels, full oversight of your applications at all the different stages as well as a comprehensive report facility. Through our interface you will also receive an electronic result within our system that will give you a quick sight of clear results and alert you to any results with anomalies that need to be looked into further.

Over 1500 checks

Submit over 1500 basic disclosure checks per annum but do not have a web interface?

We can act as your e-broker

If you have been advised by the DBS that you need to register as an RO and build your own interface but do not have the capability to do so, then simply use ours. We are an approved e-broker with the DBS which allows you to retain your RO or RB status whilst utilising our technology platform to submit them to the DBS. You will have full control and administration over the basic disclosure checks processed through our interface and you will still be the RO for your applications.

We can build you your own instance of our interface that will be white-labelled with your company details and host it within our ISO27001 accredited, UK data centre. You will have the freedom within your interface to process the checks exactly when you need them but you will have our expertise and system support should you need it.

The changes to Basic Disclosure checks that took place in 2018

Since the 1st January 2018, the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) have been providing a basic disclosure service for individuals based in England & Wales. From this date, basic disclosure checks for individuals based in England & Wales can no longer be processed through Disclosure Scotland due to the agencies operating under different legal frameworks in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA).

From 1st January 2018, Disclosure Scotland will no longer apply the England & Wales ROA to applications they receive therefore it will be vital that applications are sent to the correct government agency.

To facilitate this transition, the DBS will be transferring organisations who are currently registered with Disclosure Scotland for processing basic disclosure checks over to themselves prior to 1st January 2018 to ensure no loss of service. 

The DBS will however introduce a 1000 checks per annum threshold to allow an organisation to register with them as a Registered Organisation (RO), they will also not have a paper application route for organisations still using this method.Due to these changes, if you still use the paper method with Disclosure Scotland or you don’t meet the threshold, then we can help you by acting as your Registered Organisation and facilitating these checks for you through our market-leading technology.

Security Watchdog, part of Capita PLC is one of the largest providers of DBS checks with over 10 years’ experience in providing disclosure checks for a vast range of organisations.

Our DBS approved technology with ISO27001 accreditation will ensure that your basic disclosure checks are processed with speed, accuracy and integrity.