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Social Media Checks

Pay-Per-Candidate Screening Package 

The Check

Based on the 7 key Index measures of online behaviour, our social media background check utilises powerful screening and online behaviour evaluation tools designed to fairly and objectively assess a candidate’s social media profile over a 2, 3, 5 or 10 year period. 

The background check result is presented in an easy to interpret report which helps protect an employer without breaching trust with the candidate. 

The check should only be run as a part of a pre-employment screening process (post offer) and is not to be used for general candidate assessment in the recruitment process.

The Benefits

The social media check report complements traditional employment screening by highlighting whether an individual’s social media and online activities are:

  • Potentially brand and reputation damaging
  • Showcasing undesirable characteristics
  • Encouraging illegal activities
  • Connected to or supportive of Proscribed organisations and terrorist groups
  • Linked to lobby or advocate / activist groups
  • Breaching company policy
  • Featured in adverse media and news reports
  • Leaking or likely to leak company confidential information
  • Likely to have an impact on client relations
  • Likely to expose your organisation to instances of bribery or fraud
  • A validation of career history on a CV

Social Media Checks

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