Starting Work

As mentioned in our How We Recruit Page, all offers of employment and therefore start dates are subject to satisfactory completion of Pre Employment Screening and Vetting. To do this we will first ask for your full permission and provide you with full details of all the checks we will be carrying out.

It is important that all possible adverse information is disclosed by you as early in the process as possible. We can then advise you if it is likely that there may be problems with proceeding with your offer. You will work with our Recruitment and Internal Vetting teams in order to complete screening in plenty of time for your first day.

Initial Training

Training consists of a 5 day induction course in a classroom based workshop, followed by 6 weeks of mentoring within your placement team. During this time you will be trained by an experienced team member and have time to observe the processes and procedures we employ. You will also be undertaking these tasks under their supervision and then given your own caseload. You will also be issued a reduced work target to achieve.

Once you are comfortable with the working procedure and we are confident that you are proficient you will be given your normal work target. The aim now is to hit this full target - there are bonuses for exceeding target.

For more information around our Training and Career Development programmes please see our dedicated Training and Career Development page.

HR and Payroll Requirements

All HR and payroll documentation will be sent from Capita HR directly to you prior to starting along with contract information. It is important that the documents are countersigned by your line manager before sending back to HR, so make sure to bring these completed documents with you on your first day.

Company Requirements & Other Details

We do place a lot of importance on time-keeping, so please be punctual - if you are running late please ensure you phone-in and let us know - we will explain the process to you in detail.
Please dress smartly. We do have visits from clients and we do expect you to look as if you are there for business. Each Friday, so long as a client isn't visiting, we do have a dress-down day when casual, but smart, is acceptable.
Your salary is paid monthly on the 27th of each month and the holiday entitlement starts at 23 days per year plus statutory days.

Probation period is normally six months during which you will not be entitled to sick pay - after this period you are entitled.

Should you have any other queries please ask during the induction period, or see our FAQs page for more details. To see what our employees think about working at Security Watchdog follow this link.