GDPR Compliance Statement

Security Watchdog current GDPR stance

  • We know why, and how to get Candidate consent for processing.

  • We know what data we hold, where it came from, where it goes within our organisation, who it’s shared with and what we do with it.

  • We seek prior authorisation before any data is shared.

  • We actively purge our data, through contractual and operational terms

  • We manage Personal data related risks using a defined process, and have effective processes to identify, report, manage and resolve any data breaches.

  • We have an established process to respond to Subject Access requests, including amendment, transfer of data, withdrawal of consent, and erasure.

  • Our Data Protection Policy, our Information Security Policy, and our ISMS is established.

  • Our Data Protection Officer is in place.

  • Our Management support, and promote compliance with Data Protection Legislation.

  • Our Staff are trained on the GDPR, as well as annually assessed for Data Protection.

Our GDPR Focus aims to;

  • Update and detail this information centrally across all systems we maintain

  • Become less manual in our processing of Subject access requests

  • Further look to minimise the amount and type of data we collect, ‘shrink the data footprint’

  • Increase the frequency of internal audits and evaluations with the GDPR lens