Criminality Checks

We perform over 1,000,000 DBS and Disclosure Scotland criminal record checks every year for over 1,000 clients using our eBulkPlus online system. These checks range from the standard DBS check through to the enhanced DBS check according to the position being recruited for. In addition we conduct over 450,00 pre-employment checks on potential employees.

As part of our criminal background checks we also check lists barring certain individuals from working with children and vulnerable adults. Checks can be tailored to show current convictions or current and spent convictions according to requirements. We offer all levels of DBS check from the basic and standard to the enhanced. See our DBS check page

Criminal Background Check

For certain positions a DBS check is mandated by regulators. Generally a criminal record check can help protect your organisation by reducing the risk of disruption, loss of valuable data, reduce the risk of fraud and will help your staff by reducing the likelihood of unpleasantness caused by crimes in the workplace, such as theft.

Not performing such checks can cost your business and the morale of your staff dearly.

We can obtain Criminal Disclosure Certificates directly from the umbrella body of the Disclosure & Barring Service (formerly Criminal Records Bureau), Disclosure Scotland and Access NI via a systems integrator. Results are compared to the candidate’s self-declaration and relevance to the role.

We will advise you directly of any discrepancies between the results from the results and the candidate’s self-declaration or outstanding issues. We can also perform international criminality checks and we can advise you on the availability of these checks when necessary.


Our eBulkPlus system allows you to process multiple criminal record checks online quickly and efficiently and is simplicity itself to use. We process over 450,000 checks a year through our system with an average completion time of 4 days or less.

For more information please visit our DBS checks page

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