DBS Application Guide

We are proud to work with some of the country's leading employers and governing bodies for the provision of pre-employment and criminal records checks. An effective recruitment checking process is becoming more important and our service enables employers and organisations to make more thorough recruitment checks, particularly for positions that involve regular contact with children and vulnerable adults.

Mistakes on the application form will cause delays in processing. Forms that are not completed accurately may need to be returned for amendments or additional information - therefore please ensure that you have checked your form thoroughly before submission.



Applicants' DBS Guidance Notes

An online criminal records check can be completed by accessing the internet from any PC/Laptop that has this facility. If you don't have your own computer you can go to any internet café or local library.

Logging onto the system

Please enter the following address in the web browser:


You will now be on the main login page. N.B. Please note at this stage of the process your login details are case sensitive.

1. Enter the name of the Organisation Reference. This will be supplied to you by Security Watchdog.

2. Security Watchdog will advise you of your password.

Once you have completed this section click 'Enter'.

The application form is a simple 5 step process. Please complete all fields.

Mistakes on the application form will cause delays in processing. If you make a mistake you can edit the form at the end of your application process before you confirm submission.

Section 1 – About You

Please enter your personal details. Enter your full first name (as shown in your Birth Certificate, Passport or Driving Licence), do not use abbreviations or just initials, e.g. Reg White or R White. If you have a middle name(s) ensure that you enter the details.

Please also ensure that you enter your NI Number.

Once you have completed this section click 'Next'.

Section 2 – Address History

Please enter your current address. If you haven't lived at this property for more than five years click on the 'Add Address' button to add any additional addresses. You can edit dates by clicking on the 'Edit' button.

Address Dates

There cannot be any gaps/overlaps in your address history. Please make sure that the month and year of each address follows that of the previous address, e.g. if you moved house in January 2010 ensure that this date is repeated as your last date at your previous address and also the first date that you moved into your new address.


If you can't remember your postcode use the Royal Mail UK Postcode Finder.

Foreign Addresses

If you cannot supply the address for a foreign country then please enter 'No fixed abode' for Address Line 1 and Town.

Once you have completed this section click 'Next'.

Section 3 – Additional Info

Place of Birth

Please enter details for your place of birth and add any additional surnames used.

Changed Surname

If you have changed your surname please provide your birth surname and the year you changed it.

Other names

Please provide details of any other names used at any time during your lifetime and the dates during which the names were used. Please enter each full forename, middle name(s) and surname separately using the 'Add Name' button below.

Once you have completed this section click 'Next'.

Section 4 – Conviction History

If you have never committed a criminal offence then please select 'no'.

If you have an 'unspent' conviction then please select 'yes'. An 'unspent' conviction is any conviction that is still held on your criminal record.

If your conviction has been 'spent' (e.g. you committed a minor offence sometime ago that has since been removed from your record) you do not have to answer 'yes'.

For more information see Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 at:


This will give you guidance as to whether your conviction is 'unspent' or 'spent'.

Once you have completed this section click 'Next'.

Section 5 – Confirmation and Consent

Now read through your application to ensure that there are no omissions/errors before you submit your application. If you wish to edit a section of your application click on 'edit' next to the section of the form that requires changes.

At the end of the application please make sure that you complete the Applicant Consent section.

By completing the form you will be consenting to the transfer of your information to the Disclosure and Barring Service for the purpose of a Disclosure Application.

You will be required to confirm that the information that you have provided in support of the application is complete and true and understand that knowingly to make a false statement for this purpose is a criminal offence.

Please tick the box on the application as shown to indicate your consent.

Finally click 'Complete'.

You have now completed your application form and you will be given a reference number. Please make a note of this number for reference purposes, as you may need it for future reference. If you entered an email address onto your application form you will receive a confirmation email containing these details.

Your form will now be processed by Security Watchdog and will be sent to the DBS. It takes approximately 2-4 weeks for a disclosure result to be returned, however this is not a guarantee. You will receive your own copy in the post.

Identity verification

In line with the Home Office code of practice, all applicants requiring a CRB/DBS check must have their identity verified.

How do I have my identity verified?

You can get your documents verified at the Post Office - https://www.postoffice.co.uk/document-certification-service

What documents do I need to produce at the Post Office?

N.B. At least one document must show your current address and at least one document must show your date of birth.