Branded Microsite

Security Watchdog has the in-house ability to create client branded candidate focused microsites. These sites contain all relevant documents, FAQ's, pages to vital information and even a bespoke branded guidance video. These microsites are password protected and are only accessible by the client and their candidates.



Candidate Guide Animation

Our bespoke branded animations give your candidates a clear guide on how to complete their screening forms, upload information and ensure their journey through employment screening is as smooth as possible.

SMS Texting

90% of messages are read within 3 minutes

  • High engagement

  • Established and reliable technology

  • Removes the obstacle of emails being sent to junk

  • Elicits an almost immediate response, or call to action - 85% call within 30 seconds of receiving

  • Improves candidate communication channels

  • Delivers message to candidate no matter their location

  • Speeds up candidate response time, so shortens the process

  • Eliminates need for internet connection for candidates to reply



Strategic Account Management

Strategic Account Management (SAM) is a process at the organisational level that goes beyond sales to encompass building strategic, mutually beneficial relationships between the company and it's key customers.

SAM builds trust between the two organisations by focusing on value and enabling alignment across the company.

MI Reporting

Management Information reports give statistical and analytical monthly feedback to clients. This information includes files received, files completed, SLA's and days until completion. This valuable feedback allows the client to analyse the performance of our services and provide feedback directly back to us.



Dedicated account team

We provide a detailed account team chart to all clients at request. This chart shows our company hierarchy and also staff reporting channels. Having this information allows clients to engage with the correct person based on the exact level and job role within Security watchdog.

Behavioural Analytics

Behavioural analytics is the scientific study of how people behave in a given situation, the words they respond to, the visual aspects they respond to and what pushes their buttons to initiate a desired action or reaction.

The use of nudge theory

Nudging is a process by which behavioural analytics uses predictive behaviour to ‘nudge’ subjects towards a desired action, or reaction.

We now use ‘nudging’ techniques to:

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of reference responses

  • To encourage candidates to complete the online process quicker

  • To push candidates towards proving more accurate information

  • To speed up the screening process as a whole