Why perform Due Diligence?

A Due Diligence Report utilises a vast collection of both open source and proprietary online databases and resources to verify the integrity and financial stability of organisations and individuals you may wish to work with, whether they are a supplier, customer, joint venture, acquisition, or senior hire.

We produce reports covering financial performance, linked associations, media exposure and known history and criminal prosecutions to assist you in making well-informed decisions. We can even add in custom requirements should the need arise. Due Diligence is a core function of any organisation's counter-fraud policy and helps reduce the risk of fraud and other counter-productive activities.

Four convenient levels of due diligence reporting service

According to your requirements you might on one occasion just want a quick check, perhaps on a supplier and another time a more detailed check on an individual, but within 24 hours. For an acquisition the requirement could be for a full in-depth report, digging out all there is to know. That’s where Verifia is so flexible; you just choose the level that is right for your requirements.



Verifia is Security Watchdog's due diligence reporting service providing business intelligence about companies and individuals with whom you may wish to form a working relationship.

Delivered as four convenient levels of service, ideal for considering supplier/customer relationships, senior employment screening and vetting companies you may be considering as an acquisition, or proposing a merger partnership.

Please see below for our service levels.

We offer 4 levels of service. 

Ideal as a ‘know your supplier / client’

Third party suppliers are key to the majority of businesses, and their reliability paramount to a smooth service delivery in all business sectors. 

Verifia Intro checks the supplier business and all registered directors against sanctions and adverse media database sets to ensure there are no red flags against them. Turn-around is one working day.

An enhanced ‘know your supplier / client’

As well as the checks we carry out in Verifia Intro we also check all and any business where a director of the supplier is currently also a director. Turnaround time is again one working day.

A Due Diligence 24 hour service

When time is at a premium and a decision must be made quickly, there is not always time for a full enhanced due diligence investigation.

This is where Verifia Rapid Pro comes in. With checks on current address, financial probity, current and previous directorship history and FCA information against all directors.

This level also reports on company structure, date of incorporation, previous names, creditworthiness, directors and shareholders of the company, as well as sanctions and adverse media database sets against both the company and all directors, this is delivered within 24 hours.

Full Due Diligence

This enhanced due diligence service aims to deliver as much about a company, or individual as is possible at the time of the report.

Verifia Omnia is a detailed investigation comprising in-depth forensic research, evaluating the integrity and stability of organisations and their principals.

The service covers financial performance, linked associations, media exposure and known history of both organisation and principals to ensure well-informed decisions can be made. We will even incorporate specific requests if required.

As you would expect with this depth of information and research the average turnaround time is 5-7 working days.