Pre-Employment Background Checks

Security Watchdog is the leading pre-employment screening and background checks organisation in the UK and throughout the EMEA region. In the UK alone we conduct over 1,000,000 DBS checks a year. In addition we undertake nearly half a million employee screenings covering everything from DBS, identity checks and employment history through to right to work, education and financial probity.

We also offer Consultancy Services covering employment screening, due diligence, immigration and much more.

Why Perform Background checks?

Background checks, or pre-employment screening are central to any organisation's counter-fraud policy and culture.

With incidents of crime in the workplace on the rise you need to take precautions when you offer a candidate a position within your organisation. Without thorough background you will have no idea about who you are inviting into your workplace.

Government counter-fraud agency CIFAS carries out a yearly survey of reported staff fraud and for the last  4 years in a row the incidence of fraud within the workplace perpetrated by staff rises every year. Now the biggest threat of  fraud to a company, comes from within - your workforce.

The most common deceit is applicants who lie about their skills and qualifications on their CV. 

Our employment screening services save you the time and expense of recruiting, hiring and training someone that does not have the skills, experience and education that they pertain to have on their CV.

Adequate screening also helps to increase the calibre of the staff you recruit.

  • Employment screening can minimise the risk of internal theft or corporate espionage
  • Ensures harmony in the working environment as all co-workers have the qualifications and credentials that they say they have
  • Mitigates risk as it encourages only honest applicants to apply for positions within your organisation, and acts as a deterrent to the rest
  • Ensures that you adhere to any regulatory requirements
  • Ensures that you maintain your reputation
  • Shows that as an employer you are committed to employing staff that are honest and have integrity

Risks of not looking into a candidate's background

The cost of not looking into a candidate's background can be far reaching and, in the extreme, disastrous to an organisation in many ways, impacting on revenue, assets, reputation and staff. 

Without employment screening the risks can be: -

  • Damage to company reputation
  • Financial
  • Regulatory
  • Impact on service delivery

In a quite well publicised case one UK council employee was suspicious about the activities of a cleaner. A check on records revealed that the cleaner’s birth certificate stated he was born at a local hospital in 1977, when the hospital wasn’t actually built until 1989. After further investigation a search warrant was granted and at the cleaner’s home was found a drawer full of false identity papers and a treasure trove of council property, including mobile phones, laptops, SIM cards, hand-held devices, memory sticks and sundry salable items.

The council immediately instituted a fraud prevention programme which included pre-employment background screening and within the first year 6% of candidates had failed the initial screening process due either to not having the right to work in the UK, a fictitious work history or qualification, or simply having undeclared criminal convictions. Previously most had sailed through the hiring process. 

Notably they saw a drop-off rate of around 9% of applicants when they told potential interview candidates that they would be screened before being offered a position. Incidences of staff fraud dropped by over half within year, saving the council thousands of pounds and fraud continued to drop in following years.

Remember that performing background checks are mandatory under many regulatory organsations for certain positions and can protect your organisation and your staff from unnecessary disruption and potential problems with crimes committed in the workplace.


What Background Checks can be made?

You would be surprised just how far some people will go to hide their true identity, or some misdemeanour in their past that they would prefer wasn't discovered. That's where background checks can inform you about the person you may be just about to employ.

We can perform over 50 different checks on a potential employee dependent upon the position they are applying for, their nationality and right to work in the UK. Here are the most important: -

  • Regulator checks
  • ID / Address checks
  • Integrity checks
  • Qualification checks
  • Right to work checks
  • Media checks
  • Criminal records checks
  • Employment history checks
  • International Sanctions checks
  • Directorship checks
  • Financial probity checks (credit checks)
  • CIFAS checks

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