Employment Screening

Whether we like it, or not, we live in a society where telling the odd 'white' lie is socially acceptable. So much so that job applicants now feel it is also OK to lie in business.

Survey after survey shows that  50-60% of applicants exaggerate their qualification grades, work experience and job responsibilities thinking they will never be found out! The purpose of employment screening is to weed out  the dishonest element among applicants and to ensure you only recruit people with integrity.

The Importance of Employment Screening

Without the correct employment screening, or background, checks you just don't know who you are inviting into your office when you take on a new employee.

Although the majority of people are honest, it is a fact that everyone lies on certain occasions and a competitive job market often leads those that are normally truthful to exaggerate a qualification, a previous employment position and whether or not they have a criminal record.

With staff fraud on the rise employment screening should be part of the main backbone of any company's Counter-fraud Policy. If you haven't yet adopted such a policy we strongly advise that you do so without delay.

See also our guide to CIFAS's basic outlines for choosing an employment screening company.

Pre-employment Screening

Security Watchdog offers a comprehensive range of background checks and employment risk mitigation advice. We cover everything from identity and criminal record checks to integrity and GAP analysis checks by expert teams trained to look out for any anomalies that might be of concern to an employer.

Pre-employment screening comprises of a number of checks which evaluate an individual’s suitability to hold employment within your organisation. This should not be limited just to prospective new employees, but also to existing staff moving to a different job role in another department, as part of a continuous screening strategy. 

Robust employment screening policies and procedures should be central to a business' counter fraud policy. so as to ensure an effective security strategy, to have only people working in roles for which they have been properly screened and to provide a secure environment for the company and its staff.


Employment screening will: -

  1. Deter those that either have a wish to infiltrate your company with an intent to cause harm from applying for employment.
  2. Detect more determined individuals who have such a subversive intent, at the recruitment/application stage.
  3. Deny, or flag-up, individuals unsuitable for employment in certain roles.
  4. Ensure you only recruit the right person for the right job

Below we've listed our most popularly requested checks (click to view): -

Security Watchdog is the largest pre-employment screening organisation in the UK and the leader across the EMEA region with a market share of around 10%. We provide employment screening services for more FTSE100 companies than any of our competitors. We are also one of the largest, if not the largest, DBS umbrella service providers to the Disclosure and Barring Service, having processed more than 1 million DBS and Disclosure Scotland checks in the last year.