Employment Screening

As the largest provider of Employment Screening Services in the UK and across mainland Europe we are often asked by job candidates 'Why am I being screened?'

The answer is that these days companies have a responsibility to ensure a safe and secure working environment to safeguard both staff, customer information and company assets by ensuring that those they employ are both technically skilled and morally suitable to be offered the position.

Employment Screening as a Safeguarding Measure

Imagine you are working somewhere and someone new starts and personal property starts going missing, or your child has started school and he or she complains of inappropriate behaviour from a teacher, or  you find that money is going missing from your bank account only to discover a bank employee is pilfering money from customer accounts! Who are you going to blame in each instance? Your company, the school and the bank for not checking on that person before employing them.

That's why companies carry out employment screening and it is usually through a specialist company like ourselves. It is not deliberate snooping, or singling out of individuals because of suspicion and mistrust. It is to safeguard staff, customers, children, at risk adults, the public and the company itself.

What happens to all of the candidate data?

Security Watchdog adhers strictly to the Data Protection Act. All data is stored in securely encrypted format on highly secure servers protected 24/7 in fully alarmed premises. Data is only stored for a period of 6 months when it is securely deleted with any copies of paper documentation security shredded after it has been loaded to the system. Should any candidate ask to view any data we hold after six months it will be impossible to retrieve once destroyed. That data is only disclosed to those whom you have given a personal consent to view and is not disclosed nor shared with any other third party.

What Screening Checks will be carried out?

Security Watchdog does not decide which employment screening checks will be carried out. This is decided by you prospective emplyer based upon the level of job you are applying for, the type of organisation you will be working in, the type of people you will come in to contact with performing your duties and any  stipulations made by regulatory bodies that govern that industry. For example there are specific checks stipulated by the NHS if you are to work for them. 

To take a more precise case, if you work in the finance industry your emploer will require the minimum of an ID check, a criminal record Check (DBS/Disclosure Scotland check), a credit check to ensure you have no large debts or CCJs,a five year employment history check,a financial probity check to see if you have ever been involve in fraud or another form of embezzlement and for more senior positions, a sanctions check to ensure you haven't been barred from certain financial activities.

The most common checks we are asked to carry out are: 

  • DBS check (criminal record)
  • Qualifications check
  • Employment history check
  • ID and address check

Remember Employment Screening is there to ensure that only the most suitable people to perform a job role are considered for employment, so as to safeguard everyone connected with that job.

Please also see our Recommended Background Checks page for different levels and types of employment.