Choosing an Employment Screening Agency

The trouble with employment screening companies is that the marketplace doesn't know anything much about them, without actually talking to them and visiting their operations. Just relying on website information isn't actually enough.

Employment Screening Considerations

CIFAS in its 2015 report made the point that you need to have screening companies match a long list of criteria depending on the checks you want made and whether you require international services. One thing you must do is visit the main operational office to see for yourself if website claims match the reality.

We have taken the main points from that CIFAS report to act as a guide, which you can download to see the recommended considerations you should make when choosing an employment screening company and listed our own answers against them. To download that document follow the link 'HERE*'.

See also our main Employment Screening Services page.

* Please note that since this document was published in February 2015, Security Watchdog is now fully accredited as ISO 27001 in its own right.