Employment History

According to official reports the most common 'lie' or exaggeration that candidates submit in their job application is either their employment history, or their qualification achievements. There have been well publicised cases of high profile businessmen gaining employment to to responsible positions having lied about their experience and their previous roles.

We conduct full employment referencing for up to 10 years by contacting HR departments and/or line managers directly for verification of employment history and positions held whilst employed. Self-employment will be confirmed with either the candidate’s accountant or their solicitor.

GAP Analysis

Periods of unemployment can be confirmed directly with the candidate and Job Seekers Allowance if the candidate has claimed during this period. Where a gap in employment is identified, confirmation is sought through compiling workarounds for proof of the candidate's activity and referees who knew the candidate during the ‘gap’ period.

In these days of heightened security you need to ensure that you know exactly where your candidate has been during these periods and what they were doing as well.