Graduate Screening

The search for the very best graduate talent is a competitive game. It is often the company that can react and sign-up a graduate the quickest that reaps the rewards. Our long experience of graduate screening and the lessons we’ve learnt usually means our clients are the winners!!

And these days it isn’t just a UK battle to sign the best, but an international one. As the demand for recruiting the very best grows worldwide in order to meet the requirement for skills, fresh thinking and future leaders, so the necessity to move quickly has never been more important.

As the leading employment screening company throughout the UK and EMEA regions we have dedicated and specialist trained graduate screening teams, plus the staff resource to take on a large screening project at very short notice. Our graduate screening service can be tailored specifically to your requirements, so that you can react quickly, but still be sure that all graduate details, qualifications and security checks have been meticulously and thoroughly carried out.

How graduate screening works

We understand that the recruitment process for Graduates and Students differs from regular recruitment in that they will not always have the most extensive employment history. As a result of this, we offer a service which places a larger emphasis on academic achievements and references.

Our expert team of Screening Executives liaise directly with schools, colleges and universities to verify information regarding the Student’s academic attainment, including both their class attendance and achieved or expected subject grades. We provide innovative ways in which provisional verification of attendance is obtained during the recognised holiday periods of schools and universities.

We also look for personal, professional and tutor references to cover the period before employment with you. We communicate the results of verification directly to your HR, or Recruitment department.

Being able to handle the peak screening times

With just over 240 operations staff, Security Watchdog is also one of the only employment screening companies who can assign extra resource to screening your graduate candidates at times of peak recruitment, meaning that no matter the number that require screening, we can still make sure your successful graduates start their new position on time.

For more information about our graduate screening services please select the 'Contact Us' button, or for existing customers simply speak to your Customer Relationship Manager.