Integrity Checks

Integrity Checks

We can create full reports looking at a candidate's integrity, which cover a candidate’s financial history, including; registered debts (including bankruptcy), county court judgements (CCJs), Scottish Decrees and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), which can also be performed internationally.Running a credit check can help establish whether there are current, or regualr past debt problems that could leave someone open to bribery, theft and fraud within the workplace.

Financial Probity Checks

Financial Probity checks can also be performed for up to six years from the candidate’s address history. We conduct extensive searching of open-source internet data sources. Additional specialist media searching tools can be used to retrieve coverage from industry journals, court papers, and local, national and international newspapers.

We particularly recommend running a financial probity check if the position you are recruiting for involves dealing with cash, access to corporate finance and bank accounts, access to client accounts and data, handling financial data, or involvement with financial IT software and systems.

In recent years financial fraud perpetrated as a result of selling on customer data has been on the rise - data is now the most tradable commodity and easily available to those in financial difficulties to sell on for a quick profit, unless rigidly protected.