Right To Work

We will verify your candidate’s identity and eligibility to work in the UK. We check the authenticity of Passport and identity documents using state-of-the-art technology and where appropriate, visa entitlement documents. Address and contact details are then verified against the UK electoral roll, official online directories and through supporting utility bills for instances of non-registration.

DBS check applicants must complete a Veri-fy form and take it to a Post Office with chosen forms of ID (an original form of photo identification and current address document). The Post Office will verify their ID documents, and then forward the completed form to us for processing.

Right to Work Legislation

Under the revised Home Office Immigration Laws your company can now be fined up to £20,000 per illegal migrant worker. Extended law also allows businesses that repeatedly offend, or who haven't undertaken reasonable checks on their staff, to be closed either temporarily, or indefinitely. In severe cases penalties of heavy fines and even imprisonment of directors can be handed down by the courts for failure to comply with UK Immigration Law, so these checks are essential. 

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