Criminality Checks on International Workers

Our Criminality Department has a dedicated team of specialists conducting criminal records checks overseas.

The cost of these is dependent on which country the check has to be carried out in and can vary in the timescale required to receive the result.

We do advise clients that in certain countries the information received isn’t always to a standard that is compatible to central European standards or considerations. In certain Asian countries criminal record checks are not available, for example Singapore due to the data protection laws.

 If you require a criminal record check on a Singapore citizen you should ask them to apply for a Certificate of Clearance (COC), or a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC), both of which can only be applied for in person from the Singapore police. These are not available for non-Singapore citizens resident in the country. This process is similar in many other countries of that region.

We currently perform international checks in 94 countries worldwide