The Criminal Records Trade Body launch

Security Watchdog is pleased to announce the launch of the Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB).

This group, founded by Security Watchdog and other industry leaders, will form a committee within the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) the 880-member strong organisation dedicated to the promotion of ethics and performance standards across the screening industry.

Criminal background checks for those working in the education sector

Criminality checking for those working in the educational sector is crucial to ensure the safety of children and staff. According to, some 3450 of the 280,000 teachers and teaching assistants who applied for a DBS check during the year 2015/2016 were found to have convictions which may affect their ability to safely work around children. And recent news stories have reiterated the need for extensive screening when employing those who will be around the vulnerable.

Criminal background checks for contractors

With 4.75 million self-employed in the UK, contractors make up a huge portion of the UK’s workforce. But while HR departments usually go to great lengths to check the backgrounds of permanent hires, contractors often slip through the net, leaving clients, employees and businesses vulnerable to unsuitable and potentially unsafe workers.