Judged on and off the pitch - Social media in the spotlight

As the Six Nations Championship continues to storm across pitches and television screens, England supporters were treated to a solid display of their teams defensive skills over the weekend.  The defeat of the Welsh by England on Saturday has sparked several lively discussions on social media, with pundits and fans debating actions on and off the pitch.

Update on the fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive

On 13 December 2017, a provisional agreement on the final text of the fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, known as 5MLD, was published. This will amend the current Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, and once the text has been approved by the Permanent Representatives Committee and an agreement is reached between the European Parliament and Council, 5MLD will be formally adopted – although the exact date of implementation is yet to be determined. A summary of the key changes to the Anti-Money Laundering Directive that 5MLD will bring includes:

New Gender Pay Gap Laws

A new EU law which requires all larger firms to publish details of their gender pay gap comes into force in April 2018, and some firms have already started sharing their data.

The gender pay gap – the difference between the average earnings of male and female workers, has long been a marker for gender equality, and equality groups are speaking out against huge pay gaps within high-profile companies. The gender pay gap highlights the representation of women throughout the entire organisation and is separate from equal pay/pay equality which describes different pay scales for the same or similar job roles.

The truth always comes out in the end – CV lies

With the Apprentice coming to an end, viewers were left enthralled by the exciting interview stage, during which contestant James White was discovered to have lied about certain details of his work history on his application. But how many people lie on their CV and how serious is it?