10 reasons to outsource your pre-employment screening

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Pre-employment screening is an essential part of the recruitment process. Ensuring that candidates are the right fit for the job, are who they say they are and are legally entitled to work are all critical when hiring a new member of staff. Without the correct pre-employment screening, you are putting your business at risk.

Some firms might think that their HR departments are capable of carrying out the necessary checks. But outsourcing your pre-employment screening has several benefits.



1. Save staff resources

Background screening takes a lot of time and effort. Gathering all the necessary data is a complex and time-consuming task, especially when the staff member carrying out the checks has other responsibilities.

2. Objective results

It is impossible to quantify human judgement, and results may be inadvertently affected (either positively or adversely) should the report be made in-house by someone who has already met the candidate. An external company carries out checks entirely based on the data they have on file.

3. Ensuring Compliance

Screening companies have full understanding and knowledge on the legislation surrounding screening and employment. They can ensure that screening is carried out in line with current screening regulations.

4. Speed

A dedicated screening company should be specialists in the checking process, so their procedures will be streamlined and economical as opposed to an HR department who are juggling a lot of different plates. Reports are likely to be returned far more quickly through a screening company.

5. Experience and expertise

Using a screening company gives you access to the experience and expertise of a professional. With use of the latest screening methods and a constant eye on the changing landscape of employment screening, a dedicated screening company can advise you on the best way to screen candidates for your particular industry.

6. Legal Protection

Dealing with personal data requires meticulous precision and there are regular changes in the law regarding handling of personal data and regulations on employment vetting. Using a screening company will reduce the likelihood of legal action, either from a disgruntled candidate or as a result of non-compliance.

7. Specialist automation   

Screening companies have access to all the latest technology in candidate checking, with systems in place which make the process more accurate and efficient. These dedicated automated methods might be too costly for an HR department to implement for occasional hires.

8. Privacy

Knowing that someone in the office they might be working in have had access to their personal data might make some applicants uneasy. Reassuring your candidates that screening has taken place off-site by an external company will make your organisation appear more professional and prevent staff from feeling uncomfortable about people knowing their personal details.

9. Accuracy

Screening large numbers of candidates requires precision, and even the most meticulous HR department can experience human error and face incorrect results. A screening company can guarantee accuracy in its reporting.

10. Peace of mind

All the above ultimately give you peace of mind that all new staff members have been accurately and professionally screened, protecting you from taking on a dishonest candidate which could put your bottom line, and your company, at risk.