Exciting changes coming to DBS/DS this December


We are really excited about the latest changes to the DBS/DS (Disclosure and Barring Service/ Disclosure Scotland) processing and the benefits this will enable. Just as a reminder, these changes will mean that the DBS and DS will both be responsible for conducting basic disclosures based on where the candidate will be working. If the basic disclosure is for roles based in England/Wales, then the DBS will process the application, if it is for roles in Scotland, then DS will continue to process the application as they do now.


We are aiming for a GO LIVE date of W/C Monday 14th December for eBulk and 18th December for VOLT/VOLTi3 to implement the changes, from Thursday 14th December the DBS and DS will manage their own applications and be responsible for processing their own data independently.

What does this mean for you as the client?

  • If your candidate’s role is predominantly or solely based in England/Wales, your basic disclosures will be processed by the DBS going forward
  • The difference in how DBS and DS perform their checks means that during the application process the ID documents will have to be verified and seen in person at some point during the recruitment process
  • In addition when you are creating the application for the candidates on our eBulk/VOLT/VOLTi3 systems you will need to insert the individuals name who is responsible for verifying the ID documents; there will be a field that needs to be completed and you can do this 1 of 2 ways:
    • Manually enter into the field the name of the person who verified the ID
    • Tick a box that will populate the field automatically with the name within the “Client Contact” field
  • You will also need to check a box to verify you have read and understood the DBS requirements
  • The certificates with the DBS are now going to be paperless meaning no certificates will be sent to any processor of DBS checks and all content will be sent directly to the applicant who we are running the checks on.
    • The electronic certificate will be issued to the candidate and accessed via a DBS portal,
    • the candidate will be able to grant you access to view their electronic certificate via this portal.
    • Additionally, the candidate will be able to specify within their candidate form whether they also require a paper copy of their certificate, and if they want this to be posted to their home address or to an address of their choosing. Please note, however, that due to the DBS stance on certificates belonging to the candidate, this must be completed by the candidate and cannot be pre-populated or answered on their behalf without their knowledge.