Uber faces $8.9 million fine


Uber faces a huge fine after employing drivers with criminal records.

Another reason why employment screening is so important!

Uber is facing an $8.9 million fine in Colorado after state regulators found the ride-share company had hired nearly 60 drivers with criminal records or serious motor vehicle offenses.

The drivers should have been disqualified after background checks turned up felony convictions and records of reckless or intoxicated driving, according to a Monday announcement from the state’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Some drivers were working with suspended or revoked licenses. The investigation also looked into Lyft but found no such violations.

The Colorado PUC launched the investigation earlier this year after an Uber driver in Vail allegedly assaulted a passenger. When the local police department cross-checked the driver’s Uber records, it found the company had hired individuals with previous criminal records. This contradicts state requirements for companies to review both criminal and driving history reports and disqualify drivers with felony convictions, alcohol or drug-related driving offenses, sexual offenses or moving vehicle violations...article continues on the link below.

Article credit - Newsweek.com

Matthew Payne