5 Ways to Make Employment Screening Quicker and Easier

employment screening

Securing the highest quality talent for your company is crucial for the smooth running and profitability of your organisation.

Providing a fast and effective screening process will help ensure that the best candidates are retained, and avoid losing great talent as a result of cumbersome pre-employment screening procedures.

1. Test

Understanding the process that candidates will go through during screening is crucial to ensure that high quality talent is not put off by a poor screening experience. A recent CareerBuilder survey found that less than half of all employers have tested the process themselves, and of those that have, 14% rated the experience as fair or poor. Staff retention begins at the very beginning of the recruitment process, and a bad impression of an organisation can last long into employment, or even push great candidates away from the outset.

2. Communicate

Offer excellent communication from the outset and your staff will feel valued and respected. Ensuring that candidates fully understand the screening process and are aware of their responsibility to be prompt in returning documents and information, will help the process run more smoothly and efficiently. Being available to answer candidates questions in a punctual manner will also help to ensure a smooth journey from the beginning to end of screening.

3. Knowledge

Stay up to date with screening legislation for your industry and ensure that you have carried out the necessary checks prior to employment. There are many different types of pre-employment screening and, while many are common to all positions and industries, it is important to understand which checks are essential and which would be helpful to the role.

4. Choice

There are many options for choosing a screening provider and while it might seem attractive to pick the first one, or the cheapest one, it is imperative to ensure that the screening provider you choose is reputable and thorough. A bad hiring decision can be very costly to businesses and ensuring that all candidates will be a good fit for the company is more than a box ticking exercise. Placing this important process in the hands of a substandard company could prove expensive in the long run.

5. Efficiency

By working with a background check provider that integrates an applicant tracking system, you can provide your candidates with a fast and efficient screening process which will ensure that their initial impression of your organisation is one of competence and professionalism.