Can you predict which candidates will be the most engaged employees?

Having engaged employees has a direct impact on the success of your organisation. Higher productivity and better performance are directly related to the engagement level of your employees.

Therefore, determining the candidates who will be the most engaged once they have been hired is crucial to make the right recruiting decision. But is there really a way of predicting which candidates will be most engaged?

As an employer you have a duty to lay the groundwork for an engaged and inspired work force, by ensuring that staff are interested in the work they are doing, have a supportive team around and by providing the right work environment.

But beyond this, according to new research by Aon Assessment Solutions, employee engagement is also intrinsic, or personality based, which means that it can indeed be predicted at the interview stage.

Aon have identified three personality traits that point to a more engaged employee.

Positivity – having a “baseline of optimism”

Cooperativeness – willingness to work with others and valuing teamwork

Drive – a determination to excel

These qualities are part of all of us, but at different levels. Where one person might be highly positive they might also be lacking in cooperativeness, for example. So, if a candidate doesn’t meet one criterion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be engaged employees.

But studies suggest that a complete lack of all three could indicate a candidate who is simply not capable of engagement. These are the candidates whose application should not be pursued further.

By actively ensuring that all your candidates have higher levels of one or more of these traits, you are more likely to create an engaged and productive workforce. Attempting to motivate an un-engageable worker is a futile task, and worse still, could damage the morale of the rest of the team.

Carrying out personality assessments at the recruitment stage is a sound investment in the future of your company.

Matthew Payne