Data provides fresh evidence of rise in serious violent crime in England and Wales

Violent Crime.jpg

The figures, released by the UK statistical agency, also showed a 30% rise in robberies and a 12 per cent increase in homicides.

The number of knife offences recorded by police in England and Wales increased 16% in 2017-18. From January to March 2018, police forces in England and Wales logged a total of 5.5m offences, up 11% compared with 2016-17.

Rick Muir, Director of the Police Foundation, a think-tank, said the offences recorded by police highlighted an increase in serious violence, particularly knife crime and homicides.

The 0NS said 42% of robberies and 48% of thefts from people recorded by police took place in the capital.

These figures all call for a greater need for criminality checking for all employers in all industries

Article Credit: Financial Times