DBS announce they will not be continuing with plans to introduce R1 system for Standard & Enhanced disclosures


The Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) have formally announced that they will not be continuing with plans to introduce the R1 system for Standard & Enhanced disclosures. Basic disclosures will continue to operate on the R1 system but Standard/Enhanced disclosures will not be making the transition as previously planned.

Please see below the key parts of the disclosure process that will be affected by this decision made by the DBS;

  • Candidates will not be able to register to join the Update Service as part of their Standard/Enhanced application, this was going to be the case as part of the R1 transition.

  • Candidates will not be receiving electronic copies of their disclosure certificate like they do for basic DBS disclosures, this was going to match the basic certificate process as part of the R1 transition.

  • We will not be receiving an updated country list from the DBS that candidates use to select addresses and their country of birth from, the Standard/Enhanced list is outdated and the basic DBS list is more up to date. This list would have been updated by the DBS as part of the R1 transition but will remain as is until further notice.

What this does mean for our eBulkPlus platform is that our development roadmap for eBulk 2019 will not be de-railed by this project.

Our planned development pipeline had been constructed with the possibility of it being affected by the introduction of this piece of work. But we now know that this should not be the case and all proposed development for 2019 will be able to continue without R1 project interruption.

Matthew Payne