Global background checks on the rise

Global Checks.jpg

A recent survey has found that carrying out global background checks on candidates is becoming more common in businesses across the UK.

Carrying out background checks is gaining momentum in UK companies. With the global marketplace growing, and the changes in the labour market due to the current cultural and political landscape, companies are future proofing their hires and looking at ways to protect themselves from changes in the hiring compliance landscape.

With the GDPR creating an additional headache for the control and flow of data it is imperative that companies keep detailed records of every hire and can track the movement of sensitive data to ensure that they comply with the new GDPR standards.

A survey found that while 79% of businesses employ non-UK nationals, 40% of the responding companies do not carry out global screening. With an increase in the availability of counterfeit qualifications and the rise of corporate corruption this could prove to be a costly mistake.

Employing someone who does not have the legal right to work in the UK is punishable by a £20,000 fine per worker. In addition, hiring someone who has a complex work history outside of the UK can be difficult to unravel for average HR departments.

Over 45% of workers born outside of the EU do not hold British Nationality, which makes global screening a key part of any recruitment strategy. With the vast differences in data collection, availability and processing, alternative privacy laws, compliance and recruitment culture across the global talent market, carrying out global screening can be a long and arduous task.

But while carrying out global screening might seem like a challenge, it will help protect your company, staff and customers from a potentially dangerous hire.

Using a specialist screening provider will ensure that your company is protected. Reputable screening companies will save you money and time in your recruitment process, giving you peace of mind that your chosen candidates will prove to be a profitable and safe recruiting decision.