How a basic DBS check can make you more credible to customers

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As a self-employed or freelance worker, creating and maintaining an image of credibility is essential in order to attract and retain clients. With 4.8 million self employed people in the UK alone, finding ways to stand out from the crowd can mean the difference between success and failure.

Having a basic DBS check can be helpful in proving your credibility to clients.

There are three levels of DBS checks, basic, standard and enhanced. In industries and sectors where criminality checking is required, employers will apply for a Standard or Enhanced DBS check on behalf of their employees as part of the hiring process. But as an individual you can apply for a basic check for yourself.

A basic DBS check is not role specific and is available to anyone over the age of 16. It reports all unspent convictions, including the dates and nature of any crimes and penalties.

Benefits of DBS checks for the self employed

Increased trust - Creating a relationship of trust is hard when you are self-employed. Companies and individuals might be wary of hiring a self-employed worker without a proven track record. Having a Basic DBS check can help show evidence of your honesty in the early stages of gaining a contract and reassure clients that you can be trusted. Proven transparency in your past history demonstrates your sincerity and integrity.

Demonstrate proactivity - Having a Basic DBS check shows clients that you are pro-active in your approach to work and screening. Potential clients may routinely carry out Basic DBS checks on their permanent staff, and having a current DBS check on yourself can help show clients that you fit in with their company culture.

Promotion - With a Basic DBS check you can promote yourself as being DBS cleared on your website and marketing materials. This will give customers and clients peace of mind that you can be trusted.

We now offer basic DBS criminal record checks for individuals who might require them to further their self-employed career. Perfect for self-employed and freelance workers in all industries and sectors including construction, fitness, IT and creative, basic DBS checking can help boost your credibility and success in self-employment.