Reduce staff turnover by making smart employment decisions

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Staff turnover is expensive. It can cost 30-400% of an employee's salary in interviewing, training and lost productivity, which is why companies should always be looking at ways to retain high quality talent.

One of the best ways to ensure talent retention is to make smarter employment decisions in the first place. This means adequate pre-employment screening to guarantee that you have found the best fit for your company. But background screening is also designed to help ensure that your company is the best fit for the best applicants, by providing an attractive position which will help them remain loyal to your company long into the future.

By properly screening all applicants, employers are empowered to make the best hiring decision from the outset.

Qualifications and experience

Background screening will ensure that applicants have the required qualifications and experience to carry out the role in question. Simply believing someone who has listed a certain qualification on their CV is a recipe for potential problems further down the line. Validating the authenticity of qualifications will give you peace of mind that your workforce has been properly trained and checking the work history of applicants is also essential, experience with reputable employers is a great way to prove an applicant's ability and integrity.

Criminal records checking

Many roles are dependent on a favourable criminal record check through the DBS, particularly those in the financial or caring sectors. It is essential to ensure that applicants have not been barred from working in the role for which you are recruiting.

Right to work checks

Employing someone without the right to work in the UK can cost employers a fine of up to £20,000 per illegal worker. Carrying out the correct right to work checks will help prevent financial penalty or reputational damage from hiring people who do not have the right to work here, as well as the inevitable recruiting costs associated with filling the role previously held by an illegal worker.

Reference checks

Manually following up on references and proving the validity of references can ensure a better fit for you company by discovering how someone really behaves in the workplace. Previous employers are an excellent source of information about candidates and how they manage their time-keeping, behaviour and workload. References can also help ensure a better cultural fit by discovering how an applicant might gel with the rest of the team.

In addition, by discussing previous employment with both employers and candidates you can find out why an otherwise brilliant candidate might have a patchy work history. Previous employers may not have offered an attractive compensation package or enough flexibility for a candidate, this allows you to help ensure that you are attracting the highest quality talent with your benefits package and working conditions.