What causes candidates to lie on their CVs?

CV liars.jpg

Lying on CV’s and in job interviews to secure a position is fraud. But a recent survey from independent job board CV Library has found that 92.5% of the British workforce have lied on their CV, with 71.6% of those admitting that they were hired because of the lie.

CV Library’s survey of 1,000 UK workers researched the willingness of professionals to lie to a potential employer to secure a job, and found that many people were happy to take the risk.

Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly for companies, with recruitment costs up to three times the salary of the position. Also include the wasted time, inconvenience and the destruction of the candidate’s reputation, and you would be forgiven for asking, why do it?

63% of respondents said that they lied so that they would look more experienced to employers. Most recruiters look for experience in their candidates; a recent survey from UCAS found that two-thirds of companies look for graduates with relevant work experience.

54.8% of those surveyed believed that lying would help them appear more qualified. With many positions requiring minimum qualifications, qualification fraud is more common than you might think. In January 2018, the BBC investigated qualification fraud, finding that over 3,000 forged qualifications were sold to UK buyers by one company in a single year alone.

41.2% said that lying on a CV might help them receive a higher salary once in the position and 31.5% felt that lying on their CV would make them appear more skilled. But 82% of respondents also said that they would be worried that they would struggle to do the job if they were hired based on a lie.

It’s clear that in a cut-throat job market, many people are willing to lie on their CV’s and in interviews to secure a job and are being rewarded with positions that they are neither qualified or have the experience for, all at the expense of sincere candidates who would be a better fit for the position.

Thankfully it is now much easier to spot dishonesty in the hiring process. Carrying out comprehensive pre-employment checks helps ensure that only trustworthy and genuine candidates are successful.