What is the fastest screening route to getting someone employed

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According to a recent report from Investors In People (IIP), around a fifth of all workers are looking to change jobs within the next twelve months, and companies are looking for ways to fast track the best candidates into their employment.

Pre-employment screening is a necessary and prudent step to take within the hiring process, and many companies want to take the fastest screening route possible, saving them time and money. But being fast shouldn't mean cutting corners, which could leave your company vulnerable to bad hiring decisions and a huge impact on your business.

Preparing for background screening and ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible can go a long way to making background screening thorough as well as timely.

Depending on the nature of the checks, background screening can take anywhere from hours to weeks. 80% of DBS checks are usually returned with 10 days, although you should be prepared to wait up to 4 weeks.

But there are ways to help the screening process along.

1. Use an online system

Using an online screening system significantly reduces the opportunity for delays created by the postal service, as well as allowing candidates and recruiters to access the system at a time which is most convenient to them. Most online systems also check that forms are correctly filled as it is being completed, which reduces the possibility for rejection after the application has been submitted.

2. Prepare candidates

Inform candidates of the data you will require early on in the application process, to give them time to gather documents and information. At minimum you will require their national insurance number, a five-year address history and previous names and the dates those names changed. But you might also require passport or photographic identity card, education and employment history, references and details of membership to professional organisations.

3. Use a screening company

Using a reputable pre-employment screening company will process applications faster, due to their knowledge, experience and access to resources. For example, many screening companies will be able to receive completed DBS results by email, so that hiring decisions can be based immediately rather than waiting for a paper-based certificate.

There is no way of avoiding background screening if you want to protect your company from bad hires but using a screening company will drastically increase screening time and is the fastest screening route from applicant to employee.