Zholia Alemi: Foreign doctor checks after fake psychiatrist case

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Some 3,000 foreign doctors in the UK are being urgently checked after a woman practised psychiatry for 22 years without any qualifications.

New Zealander Zholia Alemi falsely claimed to have a medical degree from Auckland university when she registered in the UK in the 1995.

But she had actually dropped out of medical school in her first year.

The General Medical Council (GMC) - the doctors' watchdog - has apologised for its "inadequate" checks in the 1990s.

The GMC - which decides whether a doctor is qualified to practise in the UK - said it was sorry for "any risk arising to patients as a result" and that it was confident its current processes are "far stronger".

Alemi was jailed for fraud in October after she faked a dementia patient's will in an attempt to inherit her £1.3m estate.

The licences of potentially thousands of doctors are being looked at.#

Article credit: BBC

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