eBulk criminality Checks

DBS checks on logistics and retail industry

Criminal background checks are a legal requirement for many roles, to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults. But DBS checks can also provide peace of mind when recruiting other positions, to help ensure that your staff will be safe around your customers, your workforce and members of the public. DBS checking can also help safeguard your business and your stock.

Criminal Record checks and social media checks on the rise

A recent report has indicated that the use of social media checking in pre-employment screening is growing, with up to 80% of companies routinely screening candidate’s social media profiles.

Councils shocked after finding taxi licensing processes were “particularly flawed”

Earlier this week it was reported that Bristol City Council is set to tighten up its criminal records checks on taxi drivers around the city after the system was found to be full of holes.

International criminal records checks - We literally wrote the rulebook!

Earlier this year, Security Watchdog teamed up with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) to create a document which would provide guidance to businesses on how to obtain criminal records disclosure in 64 countries across the world. The resulting report aims to assist both applicants seeking work in the UK, and companies looking to employ overseas candidates.

What’s the risk with temporary workers?

Hiring temporary workers can be a quick and easy solution to a staffing problem. With more and more people choosing to work as contractors, companies are making use of the many specialist skills available in the market. But with organisations becoming increasingly reliant on agency staff (with over 800,000 currently part of the workforce), are companies putting their businesses at risk?

The difficulty with international criminality checking

Employing foreign nationals might be a way to fill skills shortages and meet labour demands, as well as increase diversity in the workplace, but the hiring process for those born outside the UK is slightly more complicated.

Helping to reduce recruitment fraud

Security Watchdog has always been at the forefront of innovation and legislation within the screening industry. We have recently become a supporting member of SAFERjobs.

Criminality checking: basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks

DBS checking is the UK standard criminal records checking system and helps ensure that employers make better recruiting decisions, by preventing the hiring of unsuitable people to work with children or vulnerable adults, as well as to guard against fraud or other corporate crimes.

Basic DBS Criminal Record Checks for Individuals launched today

Security Watchdog are proud to announce the launch of Basic DBS Criminal Record checks for Individuals. Previously, we have only facilitated basic checks through employers, stopping self-employed and lower risk individuals from applying directly.

New rules regarding charity trustees and criminal records

New rules regarding disqualification of charity trustees and senior managers come into effect on 1st August 2018, and charities should take the time now to understand how the regulations will affect them and prepare adequately for compliance.

Criminality checking for pharmaceutical workers

Pharmaceuticals is a highly competitive industry, with staff having access to sensitive and confidential information, the latest research, as well as potentially dangerous medication. Therefore, it is imperative that all candidates are subject to a full criminal records check to ensure that the right hiring decisions are made.

Criminality checking for social workers

With 100,000 registered social workers in the UK who have access to children and vulnerable people, it is a legal obligation that all those working in social services have a full criminal background check to meet safeguarding requirements and ensure the ongoing safety of vulnerable people accessing social services.

Criminality checking for sports and leisure workers

With the UK sport industry worth around £23 billion and being responsible for nearly a million jobs, it is imperative that those working, volunteering or representing the industry can be trusted to create a fun, educational and safe environment for all those involved.

Criminality checking for the logistics industry

With the popularity of online shopping at an all-time high, the number of delivery drivers on the road just keeps rising. Organisations looking to hire new logistics staff need to be vigilant to avoid making bad hiring decisions which could have an adverse effect on their business.

Criminality checking for the legal industry

Working in the legal industry is a position of trust and employers must ensure that prospective candidates are reliable and honest. There are also stringent regulations surrounding certain positions which means that criminality checking is not only recommended, it is a legal requirement.