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Former Bellevue CEO sentenced to seven years for H-1B visa fraud

A former CEO of two Washington IT firms has been sentenced to 87 months in prison, and a sizeable fine, for a visa fraud scheme that spanned many years and affected over 250 workers. Pradyumma Kumar Samal, a citizen of India himself, described the scheme as a “short cut” and pleaded guilty to the charges.

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Your Right to Work obligations as an employer

As an employer you have a responsibility to prevent illegal working. Eliminating illegal working is essential to the economy, illegal working reduces the wages of lawful workers, and often breaches the national minimum wage requirement. It is also linked to tax evasion, exploitative working conditions and modern slavery. The UK government have put in place checks to ensure that all companies are only employing legal staff, to protect the economy and ensure that all workers get a fair deal.

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The complexities of immigration law

June 22nd 2019 marked the first ever UK Windrush Day, which commemorates the first people who arrived from the Caribbean in 1948. Windrush Day is designed to celebrate the contribution made to British society by the Caribbean community and highlights the benefits to the UK of solid immigration policy and good race relations.

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