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Criminal Record checks and social media checks on the rise

A recent report has indicated that the use of social media checking in pre-employment screening is growing, with up to 80% of companies routinely screening candidate’s social media profiles.

What if social media checks were used for good?

Social media background checks have been part of pre-employment screening for several years but are often seen as a way to scope out some of the more unsavoury elements of a candidate’s background and personality, through platforms on which users share every tiny detail of their lives. But what if social media checks could be used to make a candidate’s application stronger rather than rule them out?

The effect of GDPR on social media checking

Social media checking is now a standard part of pre-employment screening. According to recent research by YouGov, up to 80% of employers are likely to check a candidate�s social media accounts as part of their recruitment and onboarding procedure.

Social Media Screening - How much do you know?

As the use of social media vetting continues to sweep through the pre-employment screening industry, it is beginning to feel like the entire world is snooping through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn looking for the slightest hint of wrongdoing to help narrow down their short list of candidates.