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The complexities of immigration law

June 22nd 2019 marked the first ever UK Windrush Day, which commemorates the first people who arrived from the Caribbean in 1948. Windrush Day is designed to celebrate the contribution made to British society by the Caribbean community and highlights the benefits to the UK of solid immigration policy and good race relations.

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New Gender Pay Gap Laws

A new EU law which requires all larger firms to publish details of their gender pay gap comes into force in April 2018, and some firms have already started sharing their data.

The gender pay gap – the difference between the average earnings of male and female workers, has long been a marker for gender equality, and equality groups are speaking out against huge pay gaps within high-profile companies. The gender pay gap highlights the representation of women throughout the entire organisation and is separate from equal pay/pay equality which describes different pay scales for the same or similar job roles.

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