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CV discrepancies: Candidates of 35–45 years have highest mismatches

A recent report has shown that up to 7% of candidates lie during a job application, with the highest number of discrepancies found in those between the ages of 35-45. This is particularly worrying because salary peaks at this age for most individuals, therefore these CV discrepancies could be costing employers huge sums of money.

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What causes candidates to lie on their CVs?

Lying on CV’s and in job interviews to secure a position is fraud. But a recent survey from independent job board CV Library has found that 92.5% of the British workforce have lied on their CV, with 71.6% of those admitting that they were hired because of the lie. CV Library’s survey of 1,000 UK workers researched the willingness of professionals to lie to a potential employer to secure a job, and found that many people were happy to take the risk.

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