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Councils shocked after finding taxi licensing processes were “particularly flawed”

Earlier this week it was reported that Bristol City Council is set to tighten up its criminal records checks on taxi drivers around the city after the system was found to be full of holes.

Building a credit rating as a student

Your credit rating is a score which helps lenders decide whether an applicant is likely to default on repaying credit. It is based on previous financial conduct and provides an overview of your current financial status. Lenders check applicants credit score before deciding whether to lend someone money or grant them credit.

Top 10 questions asked by candidates about the screening process

Carrying out background checks on new employees is very common, with some checks being a legal requirement. Pre-employment screening helps employers protect their company, their employees and their customers.

These are the top 10 questions asked by candidates about the screening process.

HR technology and how integrations are essential

Competition within recruitment continues to grow, with workers demanding more from their jobs than ever before. Technology is now firmly infused into the fabric of our daily lives and the use of technology within the hiring process is not simply useful, it is expected.

Do you really know who’s screening your candidates?

Background screening is a complex process. Not only must you ensure that you are accessing the right information which will contribute to a good hire, but you also need to provide a good experience for the candidate, satisfy compliance and protect your brand image.

Trusting your screening supplier to make the right decisions for your business

Your company is valuable, and whether you are a huge multinational corporation or a small start-up, finding the right employee can mean the difference between future success and failure. Carrying out comprehensive background checks can ensure that your employees will be a positive, not destructive, addition to your team.

Taking a look under the bonnet of background screening

The background screening process varies according to the role the candidate is applying for and the service you require from your screening provider, but generally involves identity, residency verification and right to work checks, employment checks, academic qualifications, credit checks, criminality checks and social media checks.

What if social media checks were used for good?

Social media background checks have been part of pre-employment screening for several years but are often seen as a way to scope out some of the more unsavoury elements of a candidate’s background and personality, through platforms on which users share every tiny detail of their lives. But what if social media checks could be used to make a candidate’s application stronger rather than rule them out?

Illegal immigrants in UK workforces, what’s the consequences?

Carrying out right to work checks is a legal requirement of all UK employers, and even British citizens must be subject to checks. But many companies are unaware of this legislation, despite serious repercussions for non-compliance.

Airside pass checks - aviation screening

The British Airport Authority has stringent security procedures in place in order to keep airports, travellers and staff safe. Airports have had to increase their security measures due to the increased threat of terrorism posed by not being able to identify every person moving through an airport.

How a previous bankruptcy can affect employment

Being declared bankrupt doesn’t necessarily mean that people can’t continue their career, but it might affect which industry or sector they can work in and the type of work they can do.

New year, new processes: why keeping your screening processes current is paramount

Carrying out comprehensive background screening is important to help avoid employing unsuitable candidates who won’t add value to your workforce. In addition, screening can aid in identifying criminal elements which might pose a risk to your business, your employees or customers. Pre-employment background checks are a critical part of the recruitment process and most companies now carry out screening as part of their standard employment procedures.

The key principles of a robust recruitment strategy

Having an effective recruitment strategy goes further than simply advertising in the right places. Ensuring that any candidates you shortlist are not only capable of carrying out the role you are hiring for but are also going to be profitable for the time they will be working for you is key.